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3 Major Tips to Win at BTTS

BTTS, which stands for ‘Both Teams To Score’, is a type of bet unique to football and depends on both teams scoring in a match. Here’s how to win.

BTTS, which stands for ‘Both Teams To Score’, is a type of bet unique to football and depends on both teams scoring in a match. Aside from its simplicity, the tension it builds until the end of the game makes it fun to bet on. Due to its ease and thrilling nature, BTTS is widely popular among football betting fans.

However, despite the rules being simple, it still takes time and effort to pick the right matches. To increase the chances of winning, here are three major BTTS tips that one should keep in mind when making bets.

Never forget to research

As with any kind of gambling, research is a basic, but important, factor of winning a bet. For BTTS betting, research allows bettors to target specific teams based on their skill sets and past records. All this data gives BTTS bettors a higher chance to win.

Since the only thing a bettor needs to win at BTTS is for both teams to score a goal, these are factors that BTTS bettors can look into when choosing matches:

  • Player form
  • Goals for and goals against
  • Home form and away form
  • Record of the head to head matches
  • Matches with teams of similar strengths
  • Starting strikers

Transfer rumours can also affect matches as it can increase or decrease the chances of both teams to score a goal.

Of course, there are more factors to consider before making a bet and it would also depend on the bettor on which factors would best provide information when choosing matches to bet on. The important thing is to know as much information as possible

Take advantage of BTTS tips

Various betting sites offer daily BTTS tips for all kinds of football games. These tips usually come from experts or long-time football fans that have carefully studied and analysed all BTTS stats to predict which teams will both score.

For those who are new to this specific type of bet, determining whether a BTTS prediction is a strong tip includes the following qualities:

  • The team’s attacking quality
  • The opponent’s defensive quality
  • The probability of major players entering the game
  • And, the past results of both teams in a match

As previously mentioned, there are different factors that football bettors consider before making a BTTS bet. If there’s little opportunity to research on one’s own, BTTS betting tips are a convenient and easier way to weigh in betting decisions.

Explore various leagues and competitions

Having favorite teams or matches to bet on for BTTS is all well and good, however, that can also reduce a bettor’s opportunity to find better and more teams or leagues to bet on. In fact, most online betting professionals would usually bet on a wide range of leagues across the globe.

Exploring different leagues also allows bettors to discover lower leagues that offer more value than the Premier Leagues. Knowing these different leagues allows bettors to have a wide range of better options that they also add to their BTTS accas.

At its core, enough knowledge of the right information allows for increased chances of winning at BTTS.

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