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30 Years in the Making: Liverpool’s Journey to the Top

jurgen klopp liverpool 2020

Recently, Premier League football history was made once again. Not only was this the first season where the controversial VAR system rolled out across all matches in the league, it was the first to be postponed by several weeks mid-play. However, it was also the first season that Liverpool lifted the coveted trophy, too.

Liverpool’s fans are riding on a high quite unlike any other right now. During the suspension, fans waited with bated breath to see what was going to happen next. Many took up virtual betting, signed up at Cherry Casino, or played slots on that site just to occupy themselves.

However – as of July 22nd, 2020, it finally happened. Liverpool held aloft the Premier League trophy. It was a moment 30 years in the making – and one that no fans – Liverpool’s or otherwise – will forget in a hurry.

A Magical Season

Many are claiming that 2019/20 has been a truly magical season for Liverpool. Even more so, pundits and fans are claiming manager Jurgen Klopp is due a knighthood. The British press is awash right now with talk of how Klopp ‘turned Liverpool around’. Despite the hyperbole, they might actually have a point.

Klopp had already led the team into the final echelons of the Champions League long before this recent triumph. However, it wasn’t always plain sailing. Following the departure of Zeljko Buvac as assistant coach in 2018, the head coach was forced to draft in a worthy successor.

And so he did – Pepijn Lijnders. It’s thought that the Klopp-Lijnders partnership may have revitalised Liverpool into a new tactical age. Moments during the journey, such as giving more attacking responsibility to the defensive line, helped to make 19/20 an unbelievable series of matches.

Restrictions are Golden

One element to the Klopp regime lies in the fact that he is firm but fair. Others say that the manager will be friendly, but has unbelievable focus. It’s partly thanks to his training ground lockdowns, then, that the team has perhaps gone on to such a resounding glory.

Famously, Klopp treats the training ground as just that – for training and training only. It’s exclusive only to players and coaches, now, with even family and friends having to make appointments. Is a stringent approach what helped Liverpool to raise the trophy at last?

It’s certainly a theory. At least, something has to explain their enormous 18 points lead over Manchester City and 33 ahead of United. 19/20, despite the significant pause in the middle, has been a steamroller of a year for the team.

What’s Next?

Therefore, Liverpool, its fans, its players – and Klopp – are looking to the future. Musing in the press how an open-top bus tour might work in the modern age notwithstanding, now Liverpool has finally broken its 30-year duck, there are no reasons why they can’t replicate the same success again and again.

One thing is for sure, however. Other coaches will likely be looking to the ‘Klopp formula’ next season to see if they can create the same magic.

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