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Football Scratch Cards and Other Games for Fans

Football Fans Can Play Scratch Cards and More

Chances are, it’s not enough for you to just watch your favourite team play a match. When you love football, you want more. Jerseys, scarves, and other merch are a great way to express your enthusiasm, but games offer a much more enjoyable and immersive experience. Luckily, there are football-themed scratch cards, video games, and more to keep you entertained even during the off-season.

Who Doesn’t Love Table Football?

Table football, which is known as “foosball” in America, is a fun game which was invented in 1921. Although the rod-mounted players don’t exactly have the same agility as real players, they also make it possible for just two people to enjoy a match, rather than needing to recruit an entire team. Most people play casually, perhaps at the pub or in their basement rec room, but there are actually competitive leagues and governing bodies for this table-top game.

Fantasy Football Leagues

Fantasy leagues are a component of many sports fandoms, with participants creating an imaginary team of real-life players and scoring points based on those players’ performance in actual games. Although these leagues can simply be played for fun, there’s usually a pot of money to be won by the most successful team manager.

The Evolution of Football Video Games

Football has been part of the video game world practically since the first consoles rolled off of the assembly lines. From the early simplified Atari games, we’ve seen gameplay grow more sophisticated as consoles have become more powerful.

In 1993, Electronic Arts created the first licensed FIFA game, FIFA International Soccer, and FIFA games have been seen as the industry leader of football games ever since. They broke new ground with FIFA 17, in which “The Journey” mode introduced an RPG-like element, where you could play through a single player’s life and career storyline in addition to the more traditional sports strategy elements of the game.

For a more casual gameplay experience, players can turn to mobile options, such as the LaLiga TopCards game, which uses collectible card game (CCG) style gameplay to allow players to create their own teams and battle other players.

Football-themed Scratch Cards and Lottery Games

Given football’s popularity, it should be no surprise that it’s often a source of inspiration for another popular game: the lottery. Football-themed scratch cards use imagery such as footballs, jerseys, and goals to add a layer of excitement to an already fun game. Alternatively, youth football leagues may use custom scratch cards as a fundraising tool to purchase new uniforms or fund a trip to a tournament.

Playing in Your Own Yard

Playing a casual game of football can be fun for all ages. If you don’t have access to a pitch or even a nice grassy field, there are fun variations that you can play at home or in a small park. These include games inspired by golf, tennis, and even marbles. Some of these games can be helpful for helping young players drill their skills without getting bored, or just a fun activity as part of a backyard cookout or a lazy summer afternoon at home.

The Fun Never Stops!

Whether you prefer a quick flutter with a stack of scratch cards or an immersive RPG experience that lets you vicariously live the life of a young footballer, there’s something out there for every football fan.

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