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Japan withdraws from SheBelieves Cup

The Japanese women’s national team have withdrawn from February’s SheBelieves Cup which will take place in Orlando, Florida due to the current status of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States of America.

The decision by the Japanese team, who rank in 10th place in the FIFA women’s world ranking, comes after the death toll from the novel Covid-19 in topped 5,000 over the weekend. If you’re wondering how you can have fun while you’re in Japan, then the best thing you can do is to register at a casino with a no deposit bonus latest, which will have the best bonus for you. And this means that you don’t have to make a deposit for anything, so you just need to register and you’ll receive money to start playing. If you’re willing to do so, then it’s just a huge advantage for you. So it’s a great opportunity that you can take.

Japan will then be replaced by Argentina in the dates from February 18th until the 24th round-robin tournament with the top-ranked Brazil, United States and Canada, which was said by U.S Soccer recently in a news release.

This means that Argentina will actually take the schedule of Japan and will therefore kick off the tournament on February 18th against Brazil. Let’s see who will win, since both have great teams.

According to U.S. Soccer, teams competing in the SheBelieves Cup will surely operate inside highly controlled environments at the hotel when arriving in Orlando, which is a great precaution due the situation everyone is having because of the coronavirus. So this is just to make sure that no one actually catches anything.

Plus, everyone will be tested – players, coaches, organizers, etc – is going to be tested before travelling, when they arrive and also two days thereafter. Teams won’t begin training until the results of all tests are confirmed.

All matches will be conducted with very limited attendance, which is normal these days due to the pandemic that everyone is facing. So, this limited attendance is the best thing that can be done for everyone’s safety. Therefore, the organization of the event has done very well doing this.

Hopefully, this all returns to normal and next time Japan won’t withdraw from the Cup like this year. But this time there’s the excuse of the coronavirus which, obviously, is very worrying and definitely can have a lot of consequences. However, everything is very well planned, like explained above, which is something that some other events don’t have that kind of organization.

With the vaccine and with the time passing by everything is changing so it’s likely that all will come to its normal place, which means that the next SheBelieves Cup will have the presence of Japan’s women team and that’s highly important both for Japan and also for the Cup itself. This will mean a victory for both, and that’s something to be proud of.

Now Argentina will have to replace Japan, which they will do wonderfully, but next time things will change since Japan will play for themselves in this Cup. This is highly important, since they’re representing their country and all the women who also play soccer. So, it’s definitely an important message they’re sending to all the women and also girls who live in Japan.

Although the Japanese women’s team is not very well ranked in the FIFA World Ranking, they still have the opportunity to get better and there’s a lot of time to do it. Fortunately, they have an incredible team behind with amazing skills and that’s how they can defeat their opponents such as Sweden, which is ranked in #5 or even Brazil. They’ll need practice but it’s something they’re able to do.

Improvement is always something possible to do and that’s surely true when it comes to soccer, so it’s possible for the Japanese women’s team to actually go up in the FIFA rank, which would be incredible for them. This would change everything for the country, especially for women who play soccer and who believe they can play at a professional level. And, who knows, one day they might play at the SheBelieves Cup belonging with the Japan’s team.

There’s a lot to be done in order to increase the skills of the team as a whole but, for now, it’s almost impossible due to the coronavirus. Once everything is over, the team will get together and practice more and more so they’re able to reach a better ranking, which is completely tangible.

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