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Will E-Sports Overtake the Traditional One in the Future?

The eSports (electronic sports) industry is growing at an incredible rate as gamers and viewers look for new forms of entertainment.

The eSports (electronic sports) industry is growing at an incredible rate as gamers and viewers look for new forms of entertainment. Right now, the eSports industry is worth more than $1 billion and has attracted many players, viewers, and sponsors around the world. There seems to be an endless competition between eSports and traditional sports. Even online gambling operators are offering eSports betting options with free slots no download or registration promotions alongside traditional sports betting options and online casino games.

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Advantages of Esports

As the eSports market continues to grow, many people are wondering if it will ever overtake physical sports. Well, numerous factors indicate that there is a good chance that eSports might soon attract more people than traditional sports such as football, basketball, and hockey. The eSports industry is likely to outdo traditional sports soon because of the following major reasons.

  • The eSports industry is growing rapidly;
  • Increased funding by investors;
  • Both players and viewers can earn real money;
  • More young people are attracted to eSports;
  • Fewer resources are needed to engage in eSports gaming/viewing.

The Tremendous Growth of the Esports Industry

Simply put, the term eSports refers to competitions involving video games. The most popular types of games in eSports include League of Legends (LOL), Overwatch, Call of Duty, Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2), FIFA Football, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). These games are usually played in organised competitions. They can be played for fun or professionally by individual eSports players or teams.

Esports might soon overtake traditional sports because the eSports industry is growing pretty fast. As pointed out earlier, the eSports industry is now worth over $1 billion. The increasing number of professional players and viewers is a strong indicator of the increasing growth. By 2019, the number of eSports viewers had already surpassed 400 million and is expected to surpass 700 million by 2024. As we speak, eSports gaming has attracted more viewers than American Football!

Increased Funding by Investors

The fact that many investors are willing to fund eSports is another reason why eSports will eventually attract more sports enthusiasts than traditional sports. You might ask, how is eSports gaming monetised? Where does the revenue come from? Well, there are many different sources of funding, including sponsorships, media rights, tickets, and streaming.

Notably, sponsorship is the biggest source of revenue, followed by media rights. The best eSports players benefit from mouth-watering sponsorship deals offered by renowned companies. As sponsors demonstrate their faith in eSports, the industry keeps attracting more investors and fans. And eSports are being promoted everywhere, including mainstream media and social media platforms with advertisements featuring the relevant sponsors. Among them are that help optimize media rights holders produce explosive ROI.

Esports Players and Viewers Can Earn Real Money

Nothing makes any form of gaming more interesting than the opportunity to put cash in players’ pockets. The thrill of getting paid for playing video games makes more people want to take part in eSports tournaments. Today, many professional eSports teams and organisations have emerged. Teams such as Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Liquid, and Evil Geniuses have attracted the attention of audiences around the world. One thing that motivates the members of these teams to keep playing is the fact that they get paid for what they do. It is not uncommon to see a young person win millions of dollars in one eSports season alone.

So, how do eSports viewers benefit financially? Besides the excitement that comes with watching eSports teams compete, viewers can earn money through eSports betting. The best part is that eSports bettors have a great chance to get the types of bonuses online casino players and sports bettors enjoy. When playing on some gambling sites, players can easily receive bonuses and play Eye of Horus slot for free here, for example. In the case of eSports, the bonus offer may take the form of free bets or VIP rewards. And bettors can win and withdraw real money if they bet correctly!

Young Gamers Love Esports More Than Traditional Sports

The truth of the matter is that young people form the largest percentage of eSports players and viewers. They are typically the people who own gaming devices such as PlayStation, gaming PCs, and powerful gaming phones and tablets. Such devices make it easy for eSports aficionados to keep an eye on the latest trends in the eSports gaming industry via the internet, watch eSports games in real-time, and even bet on their favourite eSports professional players and teams.

A 2020 online gaming research report by Limelight Networks shows that young players are indeed watching more eSports than physical sports. The study involved 4,500 participants from Germany, France, India, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. According to the findings, watching video games online is more popular than watching traditional sports for young people aged between 18 and 25 years old. The key takeaway from the study is that the generation of the future is more likely to be interested in eSports than physical sports.

Esports Gaming Needs Fewer Resources Than Traditional Sports

Let’s face it. The resources needed to play video games or watch video gamers are much easier to find and cheaper than what you need to facilitate and watch physical sports. A lot of money is involved in the construction of playing grounds, and more is needed to facilitate physical sports such as NFL games, NHL events, European soccer, MBA sports, and rugby events.

When it comes to eSports, gamers can play virtually any video game or wager on eSports events in the comfort of their home. All it takes is a computer or mobile device that can play the game in question. What’s more, eSports events can happen any time, unlike traditional sports that take place occasionally or in seasons. At a time when the world is dealing with a serious pandemic, eSports fans have nothing to worry about because they can entertain themselves and even earn money indoors. There is no better way to have fun wherever you are.

Final Thoughts

Based on the available evidence, there is a huge possibility that the eSports industry will soon grow and overtake traditional sports. Considering the increasing number of professional players, viewers, and investors in eSports, the industry might soon surpass traditional sports in terms of the number of gamers, viewership, and revenue.

For both players and viewers, eSports gaming is a great way to get entertained and earn some money. And even though eSports gaming attracts a wide range of people, young people play a significant role because they are the major players. All in all, we should not be surprised to see eSports overtake physical sports because the existing evidence says it all.

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