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Five Blockbuster Games in August That will get you Excited for the New Football Season

We here at Football Talk have listed five games that you can look out for in August to get you in the mood for this new season.

Now that international football has come to a close, we can now bring our focus again back to the new season that is coming our way. We here at Football Talk have listed five games that you can look out for in August to get you in the mood for this new season.

1.  Man Utd v Leeds United 14th August 2021

The new season kicks off with a bang, with this classic north England rivalry. This is one for the ages, a game that never fails to entertain. Last season Man Utd won 6-2 at home against Leeds – their games are usually never short on goals and never far away from controversy. Be sure to look out for this match as you do not want to miss it.

2.  Tottenham Hotspur v Man City 15th August 2021

Once you finish watching the Man Utd vs Leeds Utd game you don’t have to wait long till the next blockbuster game. With this tense matchup between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, where there have been 12 goals in their past five meetings, you know that this will be a game that will bring excitement and drama.

3.  Arsenal v Chelsea 22nd August 2021

This Classic London derby between these two teams are things of legend, where the drama is endless. This is a fixture where you will get to see players getting sent off, making tough tackles, managers having a go at each other on the sideline and a lot of goals. What more does one ask for from a football game, so be sure you do not miss it.

4.  Liverpool v Chelsea 28nd August 2021

After having a season to forget Liverpool will be looking to make a statement to show that they can still compete for titles, and there is no better place to make a statement than trying to beat the current European champions Chelsea, with players like Mohamed Salah going up against N’Golo Kanté and both sides being coached by some of the best Managers in the game. This has all the makings for a classic blockbuster matchup.

5.  Rangers v Celtic 29nd August 2021

One of the fiercest and famous rivalries in the world of football is back, and the stakes could not be any higher for this season with Rangers stopping Celtic from winning 10 in a row last season and winning their  “55” league title. Surely Celtic will be hungry for revenge to take back their crown from their bitter rival with their new manager Ange Postecoglou or is Steven Gerrard going to be setting the blueprint for a new era of domination from the Rangers?

These are some of the biggest football Blockbusters that are being played in August. But there are so many great games being played across the UK that we just couldn’t cover them all. Don’t hesitate to check out a full list of live football fixtures on UK tv to stay up to date on when all of the best games are being played and where to find them.

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