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Will the Premier League Dominate the Champions League for the Next Decade?

Could we see the gap widening over the next few years, meaning European dominance at the top level for English clubs, namely in the Champions League?

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The most recent Champions League final took place in May 2021 and saw Chelsea beat fellow Premier League team Manchester City in the final. The game was special because it was an all-English final, but other than being special, could this also be a sign of things to come?

The Premier League seems to be the only main league in Europe that is moving forwards right now, both in terms of the players being attracted to the league and the ability to retain the majority which are already playing there.

There was a strong argument to make that the league was already the strongest in Europe, could we see the gap widening over the next few years, meaning European dominance at the top level for English clubs, namely in the Champions League?

Will the Premier League Dominate?

Not only do English clubs have a lot of talent, but there are also always at least two or three of them, sometimes four, that are capable of getting involved and being genuine winners of the Champions League. This is always more than others, for example in France, the only real likely winner is PSG, the same in Germany with Bayern Munich.

According to the best 10 new bookmakers we have six teams at the front of the betting for the Champions League. Of those six teams, four of them are from the Premier League, with Manchester City leading the way as either favourites or joint-favourites with them all. Bayern Munich and PSG are the two teams to get involved not from the Premier League, but others from France and Germany are well down the odds list, showing the lack of depth there.

This is where the real advantage is for the Premier League. French fans know that if PSG don’t win the Champions League, it won’t be coming to France. In England, if favourites Manchester City don’t win it, then there is a chance that Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United will be able to get involved and go close.

The chances of England dominating the Champions League are enhanced by this, we are not talking about one excellent team trying to win the trophy regularly, we are talking about multiple teams consistently involved. This could lead to more all-English finals, like when Chelsea beat Manchester City in the 2021 final.

The move of Messi away from Barcelona and also the move of Ronaldo away from Juventus are big blows for football in Spain and Italy. On top of this, the financial problems that Barcelona are facing could mean that the Spanish league may drop in quality, as no one can full challenge Real Madrid financially.

While all of this is happening around Europe, the Premier League continues to move forward, attracting the biggest names such as Ronaldo and his move back to Manchester United.

Should everything pan out as it is looking, it would be no surprise to see the Premier League dominate the Champions League for years to come.

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