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Popular games with sports themes: 5 of the best

Sports games that run on the computer are always in demand. According to SlotsUp, users choose slot machines in such a direction.


Video Games On The Theme Of Different Sports

Sports is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. In addition, according to SlotsUp, users can choose slot machines of such themes. The site has information about the creators of software (more than 100 companies). There are reviews of over 5,000 slots, which include machines with sports themes. Most of them are accompanied by demo versions, which can be run for free.

There are casino games that load on cell phones in seconds. This feature is designed for visitors wishing to break away from the world around them. Mobile slots are being developed now, as it is impossible to imagine the future without them. The page has reviews of popular sports-themed slots.

Best Sports Match Game: Top Five of the Most Popular

Is it necessary to watch cartoon sports games? Users make their own decision about it. The top five of the most popular ones are particularly interesting. For convenience, their names are collected in the table.

  1. World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International
  2. Blitz: The League II
  3. ESPN NFL 2K5
  4. Big Buck Hunter Pro
  5. Blades of Steel

Information about this trend is available at The types of games and the history of their development are listed. The introduction of three-dimensional graphics is also described.

World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International

The World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International game is made in Japan. It runs on a personal computer. It was created for football fans. Realism becomes an advantage. Quality graphics are used to attract players. After loading, the stadium is shown on the screen.

Blitz: The League II

Blitz: The League II is a game created especially for American football fans. Its developer has used the nuances that attract the attention of TV viewers. These are rushing actions and strong kicks. The version includes various scandals that are associated with the names of NFL players. For example, New England players have regularly cheated.

The beginning of the game is the moment the league is founded. There are two teams involved. The first is created directly by the players. In addition to the name (fictional) and color, you can choose a city of your choice. The second is the Los Angeles Riot, run by Bruno Battaglia.


ESPN NFL 2K5 is another video game for American football fans. It has gained recognition among users. The popularity is due to the presence of celebrity characters, which include:

  • Carmen Electra;
  • David Arquette;
  • Steve-O;
  • Jamie Kennedy.

There is a franchise mode that was organized by Chris Berman. If you activate this feature, another presenter appears. Users can simulate the game of American football. The option to create your virtual team is available. The procedure begins with selecting one of the ten logos. In the second step, a name is invented.

Users choose the city of the office and the appearance of the players. It is important to build a virtual stadium. After winning, it becomes the property of the users. It is used in the future during matches. If desired, the function through which users see in the first person is activated. They feel as if they are entering the field.

Big Buck Hunter Pro

Big Buck Hunter Pro is a game that is popular among fans of hunting. Such a theme is hardly related to the sport. The plot is dedicated to the occupation, which came to the forefront back in primitive society. It is remarkable that now the animals remain unharmed. Virtual entertainment is created to play from home. The advantages of the development of the company Merge Games include:

  • fast loading;
  • unique soundtrack;
  • well-drawn animals.

The action takes place in a picturesque forest, so users can take a break from the city scenery for a while. Users are only allowed to shoot male deer. For this, prize points are awarded. They depend on several components (place of hit, distance, number of shots).

If the action of the hunters kills a female, the game ends. It is also not worth killing other animals (without horns).

Blades of Steel

Blades of Steel game was created for hockey fans. Its first version appeared back in 1987. In 2007, there was a version that runs in minutes on your home computer. After loading, the screen shows the ice field with a goal. The pros include:

  • exciting gameplay;
  • beautiful graphics;
  • easy control.

Hockey is considered a male sport. Therefore the fist fights and hard power techniques are reproduced.

Tips for choosing Video Games

When choosing video games with sports themes it is necessary to pay attention not only to the genre. The important indicator is a suitable device. This is a personal computer or console. The second criterion is the operating system. There are applications for downloading to smartphones with Android.

You need to pay attention to the requirement for a processor with a video card and RAM. Such characteristics are published on the description page. It is indicated how much disk space the game will occupy after installation.

As a rule, unwanted scenes are absent. Therefore, games with sports themes are suitable even for minors. The latter can play alternately with their parents. Teenagers will practice learning the rules of soccer, hockey, and other sports disciplines.

Conclusion about the Sports Match Game

Users can give any answer to the question: do you play any sports? Both “yes” and “no”. It doesn’t matter. Most people watch matches on television. Specialized information is regularly published in the news. For example, on In addition to video, users can read interviews and commentary.

The popularity of online games, whose developers use sports themes, does not decrease. Soccer is most common, where the storyline takes place at the stadium. The second place is taken by video games devoted to hockey. They are popular in the winter time. You can also virtually hunt deer, keeping these animals alive in practice.

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