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Overlooked: The most underrated Premier League players

Here are some of the most underrated stars in Premier League history who deserve to be given the spotlight including Olivier Giroud and Tim Cahill.


In the three decades that the Premier League has been around, there have been some superstars that have reached worldwide acclaim. Since England is seen as the biggest hub for football, their best players usually get attention.

This has left some talented players out of the spotlight. While football fans will appreciate talented footballers, they like some more than others. Some people will like Cristiano Ronaldo more than Mohamed Salah despite both of them having similar stats and impacts for their respective clubs.

Whether you’re a bettor who likes to wager on Nottingham Forest outrights or a passionate football fan who watches every match, there will always be players that you overlook. Here are some of the most underrated stars in Premier League history who deserve to be given the spotlight.

Gareth Southgate

Most people look at Southgate and see him as the manager of the England national team. That should not be the only reason why he’s popular because Southgate was a fantastic player during his playing career. The current England manager was a defender and midfielder during his career.

He started his career with Crystal Palace but he eventually moved to Aston Villa and then ended his career with Middlesbrough. This was a decorated career with a few trophies but the highlight has to be the UEFA Cup run where he led Middlesbrough to a runner-up finish only losing to Sevilla in the final.

Southgate was never the flashiest player but he deserves the recognition for how reliable he was with or without the ball. He deserves more respect for his playing career.

Olivier Giroud

As a current player from 2021/22 Serie A champs, AC Milan, Giroud is still playing well outside of England. However, he has become underappreciated for his contributions to both Arsenal and Chelsea in the 2010s. Amongst players, Giroud is a well-respected striker because of how hard he works behind the scenes and how well he performs on the pitch.

In the nine years that he played in England, Giroud amassed nearly 100 goals. He was a methodical striker who would not wow you with his athleticism but he always found a way to score goals.

Tim Cahill

Box-to-box midfielders in the Premier League are usually associated with Steven Gerrard and Paul Scholes. However, most football fans have overlooked Tim Cahill being a top-tier midfielder. Cahill played with limitless energy during his days with Everton. He had solid aerial ability and he always had an aggressive playstyle that helped his teams perform at the highest level.

Back in 2006, Cahill was a candidate for the Ballon d’Or which was a testament to his abilities. Despite that nod, Cahill has never been recognised as one of the best midfielders in Premier League history.

Danny Murphy

In a 417-game Premier League career, Murphy scored 55 goals while dishing out 55 assists. Similarly to Cahill, Murphy was one of the most underrated midfielders of the 1990s and 2000s. Murphy was mostly known to be a rough-nosed player who was not afraid of physicality.

Murphy is most known for his time with Liverpool and Fulham with multiple honours during those stints. When he was with Fulham, he even managed to lead the club to a runner-up finish in the Europa League which was a huge nod since the Cottagers are not seen as a European powerhouse.

More Premier League stars deserve the recognition

As the Premier League progresses, more players should get the respect that they deserve. The likes of Jordan Henderson and Granit Xhaka have long been underrated by football fans worldwide. If you’re a fan that just wants to bet on the Nottingham Forest outrights or a fan who simply appreciates the sport, always consider the underrated players because they might become your favourite.

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