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UEFA Champions League 2023/24: Matchday 4 Highlights and Drama

In the wake of Matchday 4 of the Champions League season 2023/2024, a narrative of unparalleled intrigue and footballing prowess has unfolded.

In the wake of Matchday 4 of the Champions League season 2023/2024, a narrative of unparalleled intrigue and footballing prowess has unfolded. The UEFA Champions League has crossed the halfway mark, and the outlines of the eight groups are now becoming distinctly evident. 

Notably, six formidable teams—Manchester City, Leipzig, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, and Inter Milan—have masterfully secured their positions in the UCL Round of 16. Against the backdrop of this achievement lies a statistical tapestry woven with precision and flair—193 goals have graced the tournament thus far, an eloquent testament to the skill and determination exhibited on the pitch. However, it is not merely the quantitative aspect that sets this season apart; it is the qualitative magnificence, the breaking of records, and the orchestration of intense, riveting matches that have held the footballing world captive. 

The UEFA Champions League follows a rigorous format where the top two teams from each group proceed to the round of 16. Third-place clubs continue their continental campaign in the knockout stages of Europe’s second-tier club competition. This system ensures that only the most competitive and successful sides advance to the knockout stages, maintaining high competition throughout the tournament.

In this piece, we will explore the Notable Highlights, Unforgettable Moments, Record-breaking Achievements, and Group Permutations derived from the results of Matchday 4.

Group A:

Bayern Munich has firmly cemented their status as the group winners. This triumph occurred during their 2-1 victory against Galatasaray, orchestrated by the outstanding performance of Harry Kane, who netted a crucial brace.  It marks their impressive 17th consecutive victory in the group stages of the UCL, extending their unbeaten streak to 38 games. Additionally, they have successfully qualified for the round of 16 for the 20th consecutive time.

This notable achievement also propelled Thomas Muller to 2nd position in the all-time list of most Champions League matches won. With an impressive tally of 102 victories, he surpassed Iker Casillas (101), now trailing only behind the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo, who boasts an astonishing 115 victories.

Meanwhile, the race for the second spot in the group remains highly competitive, with a mere single point differentiating the three remaining teams. Manchester United is now at risk of potential elimination on Matchday 5. The stakes are high, as their fate hinges on either a loss or a draw against FC Galatasaray, coupled with FC Copenhagen securing a victory against Bayern Munich. The outcome of these closely contested battles will undoubtedly shape the final standings in this fiercely competitive group.

Group B:

Arsenal leads the group and can advance with a win or draw against Lens. Even a loss could see them through if PSV Eindhoven fails to win. The Gunners beat Sevilla 2-0 at the Emirates to lead Group B with 9 points.

PSV Eindhoven can advance by beating Sevilla, provided Lens loses to Arsenal. Sevilla risks elimination with a loss to PSV. Lens, however, cannot progress on Matchday 5 and faces elimination if PSV Eindhoven secures a victory.

Group C:

Real Madrid has secured a spot in the round of 16 and aims to top the group with a win or draw against Napoli. They qualify for the UCL knockouts for a record 27th season with a dominating 3-0 win against SC Braga. Napoli were held to a 1-1 draw by Union Berlin in Naples. 

Napoli’s advancement in the UEFA Champions League hinges on a pivotal Matchday 5. A win at the Bernabeu guarantees progression, while a draw, coupled with Braga’s loss or draw, also secures their spot. Braga’s fate is intertwined, requiring a performance matching or surpassing Napoli’s. In the event of losses for both teams, intricate tiebreakers will come into play. 

Union Berlin earned their first-ever Champions League point against the Champions of Italy and broke their 12-game losing streak in all competitions. They have been eliminated but can stay in contention for the Europa League with at least a draw against Braga.

Group D:

Real Sociedad and Inter Milan have secured their places in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. The intriguing battle for the top spot in this group will climax when the two teams clash in Italy on the final matchday, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the competition.

Meanwhile, FC Salzburg holds the Europa League spot and is poised to claim it with a minimum of 4 points from their remaining two matches. However, this could be unnecessary if they manage to secure a point or more against Real Sociedad and Benfica fails to register any points against Inter. The contest for the third-place spot may come down to a decisive showdown between FC Salzburg and Benfica on December 12. 

Group E:

Atletico Madrid leads the group and can secure advancement on Matchday 5 with a win against Feyenoord. The Les Colchoneros beat Celtic 6-0 thanks to a brace each from Alvaro Morata and Antoine Griezmann. Alvaro Morata and  Manchester United’s Rasmus Højlund lead the UCL Top Goalscorers chart with five goals. Griezmann named the “Man of the Match” against Celtic, has scored in three consecutive Champions League matches for the first time in his illustrious career.

Lazio can qualify with a win against Celtic if Feyenoord loses to Atletico. Feyenoord faces elimination if they lose and Lazio wins. Celtic must win both remaining matches and hope for specific results to have any chance of progressing.

Group F:

Group F has become the embodiment of competitiveness, showcasing a tense scenario where each team is narrowly separated by just one point. The fierce battles between these strong teams have created an atmosphere filled with both uncertainty and excitement. With only two matches left, the fate of this group teeters on the edge. Each game is important as each team looks to make it to the Knockout stages. 

Borussia Dortmund leads the tightly contested group and can secure advancement with a win in Milan, thanks to a comfortable 2-0 victory against Newcastle. Paris Saint-Germain aims to book their place with a win against Newcastle, provided Dortmund wins or draws in Milan. 

In third place, AC Milan cannot advance on Matchday 5 but risks elimination if they lose to Dortmund and PSG defeats Newcastle. Newcastle faces elimination with a loss to PSG.

Group G:

Manchester City and RB Leipzig have both qualified with two games remaining. City can secure the top spot by winning or drawing at home against RB Leipzig on Nov. 28. 

FK Crvena Zvezda and Young Boys hold a point each and are locked in tight competition for a Europa League spot. The fate of these two teams is decisively shaped in their upcoming match, set to take place in Switzerland. This crucial encounter will not only determine the immediate future of each team in the competition but also add an extra layer of anticipation for football fans eagerly awaiting the outcome.

Group H:

Spanish Giants Barcelona, with nine points, missed the chance to secure advancement on Matchday 4 when they lost 1-0 to Shakhtar but can do so with a win at home against FC Porto. 

FC Porto, also with nine points, can advance on Nov. 28 with a win in Barcelona if Shakhtar draws or loses against Antwerp. Shakhtar still has hope, needing wins in both matches to finish in the top two, while Antwerp has been eliminated and must beat Shakhtar for a chance at Europa League football.


The UEFA Champions League group stages is nearing its conclusion, with two remaining rounds dictating the fate of participating teams. As clubs gear up for crucial matchups, the focus intensifies on securing advancement to the knockout stages. Below are the upcoming fixtures for Matchday 5 & 6 of this season’s Champions League.

  • Tuesday, 28 November 2023 

17:45 GMT Lazio Vs. Celtic 

17:45 GMT Shakhtar Vs. Antwerp 

20:00 GMT AC Milan Vs. Dortmund 

20:00 GMT Barcelona Vs. Porto 

20:00 GMT Feyenoord Vs. Atlético 

20:00 GMT Man City Vs. RB Leipzig 

20:00 GMT PSG Vs. Newcastle 

20:00 GMT Young Boys Vs. Red Star Belgrade

  • Wednesday, 29 November 2023 

17:45 GMT Galatasaray Vs. Man Utd 

17:45 GMT Sevilla Vs. PSV 

20:00 GMT Arsenal Vs. Lens 

20:00 GMT Bayern Vs. Copenhagen 

20:00 GMT Benfica Vs. Inter 

20:00 GMT Real Madrid Vs. Napoli 

20:00 GMT Real Sociedad Vs. Red Bull Salzburg 

20:00 GMT SC Braga Vs. Union Berlin

  • Tuesday, 12 December 2023 

17:45 GMT Lens Vs. Sevilla 

17:45 GMT PSV Vs. Arsenal 

20:00 GMT Copenhagen Vs. Galatasaray 

20:00 GMT Inter Vs. Real Sociedad 

20:00 GMT Man Utd Vs. Bayern 

20:00 GMT Napoli Vs. SC Braga 

20:00 GMT Red Bull Salzburg Vs. Benfica 

20:00 GMT Union Berlin Vs. Real Madrid

  • Wednesday, 13 December 2023 

17:45 GMT RB Leipzig Vs. Young Boys 

17:45 GMT Red Star Belgrade Vs. Man City 

20:00 GMT Antwerp Vs. Barcelona 

20:00 GMT Atlético Vs. Lazio 

20:00 GMT Celtic Vs. Feyenoord 

20:00 GMT Dortmund Vs. PSG 

20:00 GMT Newcastle Vs. AC Milan 

20:00 GMT Porto Vs. Shakhtar

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As we eagerly await the subsequent rounds of the Champions League, fans can relish in witnessing elite football at its finest from these formidable contenders who would undoubtedly throw in their possible best for a  rightful place in the esteemed Knockout stages or a chance to contest at the Europa League. 

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