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What Makes a Loyal Fan?

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Written by Lauren Coupe.

I love football fans. Their football club is a big part of their life, they show passion like no other when it comes to their club, some often putting their club before their wives or husbands. But what I want to know is just how far would you go to watch your team play? How much would you pay? How far away do you live from your beloved club?

There are those supporters who would rather just sit at home and watch the match on the tv instead of following their team around and some people do question them as being a ‘real fan’.  I personally wouldn’t say someone isn’t a real fan just because they can’t go and watch their team, as for one – it’s hardly cheap, and gone are the days when everyone supports their local team, with some people living miles away from their beloved club to actually be able to travel there week in week out.

I have put together an interview I did with my online friend Debs, who is in fact a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.  I wanted to know how many times she goes to watch Tottenham play, how far she travels and how long she has been a dedicated supporter, as i was curious as to how loyal some fans are.

Q: How long have you been a Tottenham Hotspur supporter?

A: I have been a Tottenham supporter since I was four years old.  This was the time we were winning trophies on a regular basis and i used to watch it on the TV.

Q: How far (roughly) do you travel to see them play?

A: I have been to see them in the Czech Republic and in Poland for previous Euro games.  I travel from greater Manchester to White Hart Lane – which takes me approximately 3 hours.

Q: Do you also travel to the away games?

A: Yes, most of the north-west games.

Q: What form of transport do you use for travelling and is it costly?

A: Car mainly, and it is costly, but I can manage!

Q:Who do you travel with?

A: Mainly my husband and some friends

Q: And finally, what was the best Spurs match you went to see?

A: Too many to mention! Obviously the Manchester City game at Eastlands and the Arsenal and Chelsea games are always good.

I would like to thank Debs for offering to be interviewed.  It has still left me questioning as to if fans that travel to see their team play are more loyal than the armchair fans.  What do our football supporters think?

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