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Let’s Go Dutch: Why Louis Van Gaal Is The Right Man For Man Utd

As speculation linking Louis van Gaal with the Manchester United managerial role, Rayyan Dabous gives us his thoughts on the Dutchman’s impending appointment.

As speculation linking Louis van Gaal with the vacant Manchester United managerial role, Rayyan Dabous gives us his thoughts on the Dutchman’s impending appointment.


Manchester United will appoint Louis Van Gaal as their new football manager next week – according to widespread media reports. The Dutchman is set to appoint Man United’s interim manager Ryan Giggs as his own assistant and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s currently somewhere in Bavaria, hunting down Bastian Schweinsteiger and Toni Kroos to persuade them to sign for his soon-to-be new club. Well, apparently, he can be pretty persuasive – convincing everyone that he is the right man for the job – but is he truly up to the challenge?

Manchester United are a team in trouble and whoever the Glazers decide to recruit in the coming days, it might push them even deeper down the abyss that the club has slipped into this season. The Mighty Red Devils have finished their Premiership campaign in 7th place, far away from their reviled neighbors who were able to retrieve the title from them.

Such downfall still surprises people as some remain clueless as to why the club find themselves in this position. It’s simple though, Manchester United’s failures this season are the result of a change that the club eventually had to go through. Once long-lasting manager Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down, the stability that has carried the club for so long has been immediately damaged; triggering uncertainty in dressing room, the board room, and mostly, among the fanbase. Will we ever be able to replace Sir Alex? Could there be someone out there like him?

Well, after the lasting stability that Man United have been used to, they are all obviously keen on retrieving it. That’s why they were all excited when Fan’s Favorite Ryan Giggs was given the call: he’s young, well acquainted to the game and knows the in-and-outs of The Theatre of Dreams. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint those who do want Giggs as a gaffer, because the Welshman doesn’t seem like an option at the moment. Neither is stability, for that matter. It’s obvious: Manchester United are in no position to test; they are in need of a solution, and a quick one. If they really did yearn for stability, they would then have kept David Moyes, who is fairly young, well acquainted to the game and was genuinely ready to succeed his fellow Scotsman if given the time. United needs someone who can help them bounce back, someone who is up to the challenge of resurrecting their glory. Louis Van Gaal deems himself fit for the challenge, and here’s why the Dutchman’s self-assurance is not at fault.

Louis Van Gaal is no person to kid with. From what the media has to say, he’s a 62 year old, tenacious old-man with a self-inflated ego. Well, there could be an ulterior motive behind such words, given the history that the Dutchman has had to share with the press. After all, he did utter the following immortal line in 2000 after a long battle against the Spanish media:

“Amigos de la prensa. Yo me voy. Felicidades,” Friends of the press. I am leaving. Congratulations.

Well, Van Gaal might have let the press claim victory over him, but he never gave in to his opponent. He is a passionate promoter of an offensive style of game, similar to the Total Football tradition that was employed during the 70s’ in Holland. Imagine such style of play – in which everyone has to strive to attack AND run back to defend – being deployed at Old Trafford?

As to his trophy room, you will not be surprised to hear that Van Gaal is a well-decorated manager. He has won three league titles and a Champions League trophy with Ajax, completed the double with Barcelona, and almost achieved the treble with Bayern Munich, missing out on the Champions Leagues winners’ medal to Jose Mourinho’s Italian side in 2010.

All in all, what you should mostly know about Louis Van Gaal isn’t that he’s experienced, acute or outspoken – but that he is the kind of person who demands to see immediate changes, and getting Manchester United back on track is certainly one of them.

Do you think van Gaal is the right man for United? Share your views below.

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