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The Weekly Roundup: Karen Brady’s hair dryer, ‘the JT hate society’ & Judas with ginger hair

All out of turkey The Weekly Roundup’s back from an extended Xmas break and ready to take on the remainder of the season. Every Monday find a review of the week’s events in the world of football, on all the important stuff of course.

10.01.11 Karen Brady hair dryer treatment -The two figures with the best hair in the business where at it last week, as Golden balls and Mrs Brady embarked on a war of words (a little tiff really – nothing but handbags – a set of Gucci ones of course) Surprisingly not an argument over conditioner (which Karen loses hands down and probably Victoria does as well) but of the motive behind his loan deal to spurs. Karen branded Tottenham using Becks as a PR stunt to help facilitate their move to the Olympic Stadium and Becks hit back (or his spokesperson did) labelling her claims laughable. It’s the hypocrisy of it all that tickled me, if it hadn’t been for the fact that West Ham themselves wanted to sign Becks then her claims may have been credible, and as PR’ing goes her appearance on BBC’s hit show The Apprentice was far from that wasn’t it?

10.01.11 FA Charge Babel – The image valued 10k by the FA. Who is it that plucks figures out the air of how much to charge a footballer? The fines they receive are excessive.

‘A Babel original’ How proud would Picasso have been?

11.01.11 West Ham 1 Birmingham 2 (but more importantly) Rob Green 0 Ben Foster 1 – A goalkeeping howler at Upton Park, a goalkeeping howler at Upton Park from an English keeper, a goalkeeping howler at Upton Park from an English keeper which cost his team the game…. Robert Green is still pinching himself in disbelief, whilst Ben Foster is furious with mum for getting him that bloopers DVD for Xmas (which he thought was a training manual, oops)

12.01.11 Ipswich 1 Arsenal 0 & Denilson was Denilson – Denilson is single-handedly destroying all stereotypes about Brazilian footballers. After attempting a samba move in the middle of the field it failed to come off, the ball was nicked and seconds later Arsenal were 1-0 down. In fairness Arsenal played like a team of Brazilian footballers anyway (that damn Denilson- see what he’s done)

13.01.11 Water under a bridge? In his dreams – Wayne Bridge feels completely at home at a club where JT is loathed. A Premier League football club by day secret society by night.

14.01.11 El-Hadji Diouf spits back – We all know Diouf’s got a venomous tong, so Neil Warnock had to anticipate his words not being received lightly by the Senegalese. After calling the striker a ‘sewer rat’ an infuriated Diouf  spat back (fortunately for Warnock not literally), “I know I am an easy target, but everything Warnock said is not right. I’m not disappointed with what Warnock said, but who is Warnock? He knows nothing about me. He is not Alex Ferguson, he is not Arsene Wenger, he isn’t Sam Allardyce or an important manager” However something tells me Neil’s delighted that he’s not Sam Allardyce.

Flashy, arrogant Prat?

Diouf shows us his softer side, as he impersonates Ali G on his way to a fancy dress event. (If you’re reading though mate, I think you look the part)

14.01.11 Ian Holloway, A Half assed manager who used to funny – It was inevitable, at some point Ian Holloway had to p you off, if he hasn’t yet done so be prepared because at some point he will. The Rooney rant was enough to tip me over, and this week I’ve been joined by several Villa fans, after he described their club as a ‘half assed place which used to be famous’…. and Blackpool are what exactly?

The weekend’s football


Chelsea 2-0 Blackburn – Shock result of the weekend? Chelsea actually winning

Man City 4-3 Wolverhampton -The Italian let his ‘silky retired boy band’ hair down and sent his normally ultra defensive side out to play football. In fairness McCarthy did some hair letting down as well (or what he has left of it) and the game turned out to be a cracker.

West West Ham 0-3 Arsenal – Avram Grant found himself unofficially demoted to the role of caretaker manager on Saturday, as the rumour mill went into overdrive and Martin O Neil’s Mrs was buying a tour guide titled,   ‘Life Down South’, but nothing materialised. Grant even threw his lucky scarf (bottom of the league & constantly on the brink of getting the sack- really lucky) into the crowd which any of us would have thought symbolised his parting gesture. The tabloids had their ‘dead man walking’ analogies prepared with an endless gallery of Avram’s finest snaps at their disposal, but still nothing.  I say to anyone at West Ham reading before the decision is made to get rid of Avram have a long hard think about it, the guys a tactical genius…

Saturday’s other results: Stoke 2-0 Bolton, West Brom 3-2 Blackpool, Wigan 1-1 Fulham

18.01.11: It was a coupon busting Sunday as the Premier League threw up four draws, entertaining but still coupon busting.

Birmingham 1-1 Aston Villa – The encounters between the two have definitely been contenders for derby’s of the season, predominately because the two set of fans genuinely hate each other.

Sunderland 1-1 Newcastle – Smash and grab stuff from Sunderland after Asamoah Gyan’s 94th minute winner.

Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd – Harry Redknapp turned into Audley Harrison, United mugged off a ref & Rafael might have broken a very expensive microphone.

Liverpool 2-2 Everton – King Kenny has probably lifted attendences, morale and all the other good stuff (so we won’t talk about the fact he hasn’t actually won a game yet)

*Highlights of the week* This week’s batch of highlights are from the week’s funnies, but as always only one video can make ‘highlight of the week’ so which deserves you decide. (Please leave your comments below)

Smoking hot from just scoring the winner the fire brigade had to put him out.

If Judas had ginger hair Revelations 4: 1-3



David Beckham: The leaked texts

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  1. fashionisita

    January 18, 2011 at 10:10 am

    apart from the cap backwards – beckham dresses like that – but he doesnt look a prat cause he’s a coolwhite boy is’nt he!

  2. realistic tony

    January 18, 2011 at 10:27 am

    becks ? i dont think he is cool.not very articulate and he is hyped up to the limit….. but hes a nice bloke though unlike djouf that pile of spitting vomit…i wouldnt let him clean my garage floor…(for hygeniec reasons)

  3. realistic tony

    January 18, 2011 at 10:28 am

    oh and a big up for babel…..

  4. AntiOnan

    January 18, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Just maybe if Hollaway was at Villa they would not be : half assed”

    Brady is a fool. PC demands that as one of the few women in men’s football she be given more than her fair share of publicity but the fact remains: she is still a loudmouthed fool and to even repeat her is foolish.

    Diouf should return ti where spitting is acceptable and that is where there are plenty of camels as he is that good IMHO

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