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How Football Betting is Helping Smaller Clubs and Leagues Flourish

The betting industry and football have a very close relationship. Football is the most gambled on sport anywhere in the world, while teams around the globe have betting companies as their sponsors, so this is something that certainly works both ways.

However, away from all of that, there is a real feeling that smaller leagues and clubs get even more benefit from sports betting. This is in the shape of attention, something they would probably not receive if it wasn’t for people betting on them.

The betting industry often shines a light on these teams, we’ve all seen people sat praying for goals from clubs in League Two, Scotland and beyond on a Saturday afternoon, and the only reason they care is because of the bet they have placed.

Lower League Betting

Those in England who watch the Premier League will not stick to this league when betting. From wagers in League Two to those in the Scottish lower leagues and even foreign leagues are all placed each week of the season.

Whenever someone bets on a team and wants them to win, they instantly become attached and take an interest, even if this is only for one day or week.

We’ve all been there in the past, searching on social media and watching internet score updates of a Scottish Division Two game, because a wager is reliant on this final team to win for us. Many people learn how to use UK’s sport odds by betting on small teams week in week out, these teams are part of our football betting learning experience.

We talk about teams we wouldn’t normally, and for that reason these teams receive attention they wouldn’t normally receive from people.

Smaller clubs find it hard to gain interest, but thanks to betting they are often at the forefront of our thoughts on a Saturday afternoon.

Sports Betting & Football Live Streams

Away from the leagues in England, sports betting has opened up new doors for European leagues via the streaming options that are on offer from bookmakers.

The live betting platform we see with many bookmakers has given them the ability to stream events. Lesser leagues around the world have signed up to streaming deals, so games that would normally not be available to UK fans are now there for us to watch if we wish.

The impact that sports betting has had on football and exposure of teams is not limited to just those in the UK, we are seeing European clubs and even those further afield receiving attention from fans in the UK because we can bet and watch the games taking place.

Social Media Follows and More

While the people showing an interest are not likely to ever go to a game or buy merchandise off the club, though some have, what they can add is social media followers.

This may not seem like much, but clubs will use their power on social media when trying to negotiate sponsorship deals and bring new people into the club. It is a far cry from the big money deals involving Premier League clubs, but lower teams need this.

It may not be many, but if people begin to follow clubs for team news to help with their betting, or even just for score updates, these people can give the clubs more weight to secure additional funding when making deals.

This all goes back to one thing, betting, without betting on football, many of these teams would go unnoticed by anyone away from the towns and cities they play inside. This shows the power of betting, and how it can help teams at the lower end of the scale.

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