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Picking out the best betting sites

Choosing the best betting site is difficult because there are simply so many to choose from. Read on to find out how to find the best betting sites.


Choosing the best betting site is difficult because there are simply so many to choose from. However, this choice is also what makes finding the best betting site so easy, because there are so many promotions, markets, and criteria that means you can find the one best suited to you.

Best Promotions

First and foremost, finding the betting companies with the best promotions is usually how people begin, because this is how you can instantly maximize some free value. Be careful of the deposit bets to ensure you’re not tied into wager requirements, and also look for companies that offer on-going free bets – not just the sign up promotions. Don’t just pick the first betting company you find with a big sign up offer!

Best Odds

This one should be easy, because most companies share similar odds-making software anyway. However, there are occasions where companies routinely offer worse odds than their competitors, and we shouldn’t be complacent on this.

Best Markets

Quite surprisingly, there are many companies that still don’t take bets on the UFC. Or, if they do, there’s very few choice of bets for a single fight. Limited markets is one of the main factors in deciding on a betting company, because you may enjoy niche bets on less-than-mainstream league and sports. Plus, the more niche, the more of a potential advantage you may have, and the more options for a bet you have – which can only be a good thing.

Furthermore, check the exchange sites like Betfair, where you can Lay bets, to see if this appeals to you.

Payment methods

Having the perfect payment method is an underrated aspect of picking a betting firm. Perhaps you don’t want to use your main debit card for privacy reasons, or perhaps PayPal is simply convenient for you. Having your preferred payment method is important as it could help speed up the time it takes to withdraw funds too, as well as your security.

User interface

If you’re going to be betting on a site, you want to be able to find the right markets quickly, not lose your 10-fold accumulator slip suddenly, and generally have a easy time navigating. This ideally should be tested on all of the devices that you intend on using, because some companies have a good mobile app but terrible website, and vice versa. Furthermore, some of the live features and simulated games may require flash, which not everyone’s browsers agree with.

Customer Service

Finally, good customer service is never important until the day it is. Unfortunately, it’s quite common having your account blocked, unverified suddenly, and payment issues. These need to be resolved quickly as it’s your cash that is tied up. Good customer service is invaluable during these times, but it can be hard to know before signing up. One way you can test them is to shoot them a message before signing up, and check that they accept multiple avenues for communication, so you have a backup if they’re not answering over live chat.

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