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Liverpool 2-1 Wolves: Key Points Talking From The Game

Liverpool saw off Wolves as Carroll and Suarez proved just how potent their partnership could be, with the duo putting in solid performances against Wolves.

Man of the Match: Luis Suarez

This guy’s a legend. His reaction time and his thinking speed is exquisite and he always seems to be off the mark earlier than his marker, gaining himself that extra 2 yards. Not to mention his fantastic ball control. He outturned the defenders almost majestically at Anfield and it was simply a pleasure to watch him play.

Steven Gerrard’s Got Sharpness

6 months out can do strange things to you…. unless you are Steven Gerrard. And it’s all thanks to Kenny Dalglish’s fantastic man management skill. Although Gerrard was out there for a limited amount of time, he has shown me enough to make me believe that he WILL in fact hit top form this season and that he will be deployed in a more offensive position unlike the previous year.

Andy Carroll

His BEST performance in a Liverpool shirt (even better than his Man City performance), and the reason I say that is because he was a fantastic team player out there yesterday. Found teammates with his headers and he did well to provide several high balls and crosses for his counterparts. Looked like a genuine threat, partnering Suarez up front.

Jordan Henderson: Ineffective

Henderson, he’s a bit of a strange player. He has that huge potential to be something big, but then again, my inconsistent theory could be based on the fact that he was played out wide rather than in the middle, but nonetheless, he had a quiet, if not too quiet game out there in Red.

Three Points…

and a good performance from the Reds.

Submitted by Two Liverpool Fans


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