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Round 1 Over: What Happened To The Beautiful Game?


By Guest Writer John Brandon.

So there it is, the first round of games are complete. Your verdict please? It’s fair to say that the eagerly anticipated festival of football has failed to live up to the expectation and excitement that was created during the 6 month build up. So far that is.

Type in if you will, tournaments that have gone by and you will be instantly teleported back in to a colourful world of perfectly combed afro hair, of unknown African nations with dance moves to rival the late, great MJ and of world footballing legends parading the hallow turf show boating their skills without a care in the world.

Fast forward to the present day and you find yourself having to mute your brand new 42 inch LCD because of the swarm of bees that are about to arrive in front room or trying to win brownie points with the missus explaining that the ‘game isn’t as important as you are dear’ after realising after 20 minutes that the game is going to be an unforgettable bore draw. So what has happened to the ‘beautiful game?’

The World Cup 2010 is different. There is an aura of uncertainty that surrounds each game, there is a sense of fear that clouds over teams wherever they go, be it on a local safari or in to the oppositions penalty box. Even the ball is causing fear with many players and coaches looking for something to blame rather than taking control of the situation like real men.

Clive Tyldesly quoted brilliantly when Brazil played Tuesday by saying

‘Somebody needs to take control for Brazil or they are going to find themselves in trouble later on.’

Even the Brazilians became consumed by the overpowering fumes of uncertainty in their game against the mighty North Korea. That was until Maicon scored one of the best goals in a world cup that was never really intended.

All of this fear and anxiety is leading to cagey affairs where both sets of teams are playing with the same mentality, we must not lose, no matter what. Head coaches and managers are under increasing pressure to succeed and to deliver results. Therefore more and more coaches are setting up there teams like club sides, with Mourinho seen as some kind of god.

It is apparent as the tournament progresses that most coaches have taken the ‘special ones’ philosophy on playing matches. Two holding midfielders that get their wrists slapped like a naughty schoolboy if they venture in to the oppositions territory, full backs that are allowed to get forward once or twice a match and one up front.

All of the mentioned are ingredients for a peculiar, potentially dire competition with plenty and plenty of penalty shoot outs to settle ties. If things continue in this manner it would not be surprising if the coaches have a plan to make the infamous head to heads boring and tedious.

It is early days as only 16 of the 64 matches have been competed, so there is a lot of football still to be played. However the fear of not becoming a legend through a lack of expression had better take over from the fear of making a mistake or on July 11 many people will thank the heavens that football has left the rainbow country and count the days to Rio. Where will the game be in 4 years?

What’s your opinion on the opening games of this years World Cup?



  1. jjj

    June 16, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    “Two holding midfielders that get their wrists slapped like a naughty schoolboy if they venture in to the oppositions territory, full backs that are allowed to get forward once or twice a match and one up front.”

    Yeah, which was why Cambiasso scored against Chelsea in the Champion’s league. I bet it was from inside his own half, right ? Give a bumbling airhead a keyboard and he’ll write anything. As they say, those who can do, and those who can’t …

  2. Simon Price

    June 17, 2010 at 10:55 am

    Group Stages complete??? There’s plenty more to come yet fellow. I think we’ll start seeing more from the big names with the second string of games. Just take a look at Forlan’s performance yesterday, it was brilliant.

    • Football Talk

      June 17, 2010 at 11:04 am

      Apologies for the error, we meant the first round of games, not the entire group stages! Yeah hopefully the games start to pick up now.

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