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[Player Ratings] Olympiakos 2-1 Arsenal: Rosicky & Meade Shine

Arsenal surrendered a 1-goal lead to lose 2-1 to Olympiakos on Tuesday in the final game of the Champions League Group stages. Here are ratings from the game.

Tomas Rosicky

Arsenal surrendered a 1-goal lead to lose 2-1 to Olympiakos on Tuesday night. The result means we finish second in Group B with Schalke staying top after drawing 1-1 at Montpellier.

While we walked away with no points, the performance was a lot better than i had anticipated in all honesty. The first half was very good, with Rosicky particularly impressive. His well-taken goal rounded off an excellent 45 minutes for the midfielder before he was subbed at half time as a precaution after 5 months out.

We certainly missed Tomas in the second period and predictably the Greeks got back in the game, albeit through a controversial equaliser. Olympiakos were awarded a corner even though replays showed Szczesny didn’t get a touch, with the ball actually rebounding off the post, and Maniatis was on hand to score after the ball bounced off Aaron Ramsey’s chest. The winner came less than 10 minutes later when sub Mitroglou fired home from the edge of the box.

So another lose but it was a decent shift from some of the players who played in difficult circumstances at a tough away ground. Here are my ratings from the game.

Arsenal Ratings

Szczesny – 6 – Couple of routine saves in the first half. Not at fault for the first but susceptible to a long shot once again as Mitroglou’s well hit effort snuck in the far post.

Jenkinson – 6 – Steady performance from Jenko, but fell asleep to allow Djebbour a free header and the striker should have scored from close range. Made a couple of rampaging runs down the right but little end product.

Vermaelen – 7 – Excellent defending at the front post denied the hosts a tap in early on but failed to keep his back four together as he pushed out from the corner, leaving his full backs behind and leaving a big hole for Maniatis to sneak into to equalise. Needs to improve his organisational skills in these situations, but otherwise good display from the skipper.

Squillaci – 6 – Surprisingly good in the first half but back to his old self in the second period. Booked for a clumsy challenge and was beaten high up the pitch on a few occasions. We’ve seen him play A LOT worse though.

Meade – 8 – Excellent, mature performance from the debutant. Did everything that was asked of him and more. Cleared his lines and kept things simple, a real talent and should be considered instead of Santos judging by this performance.

Ramsey – 4 – Oh dear. Completely fluffed a terrific chance to open the scoring in the first half, barely connecting with the ball when free 10 yards out. Made some poor decisions in the opposition box and lost possession countless times. Slightly unlucky for the equaliser with the ball bouncing off his chest in the area, but another very poor display from Rambo.

Coquelin – 6 – Made some silly fouls and was maybe lucky not to receive a second yellow but was full of running and put himself about in midfield. Still not the finished article by any stretch though and doesn’t look ready for regular first team action yet.

Rosicky – 8 – Great finish for the opener and pulled the strings in midfield during the first half. We’ve really missed his invention in the middle. He was subbed at half time as a precaution after being out for 5 months. Will be an important player for us if he can stay fit.

Chamberlain – 5 – Too quiet once again. Was involved in the build up to the goal but did very little else. Tried a few unnecessary flicks and tricks and really needs to up his game if he wants that £50k contract he’s after.

Gervinho – 5 – Looked lively early on and nice run set up Rosicky for the opener but on far too many occasions he missed the opportunity to pass or when he did pass, he failed to find his team mate. So frustrating to watch because he’s capable of good things.

Chamakh – 5 – Poor control let him down early on when he was through on goal twice. He got into good positions after some clever runs but his touch and passing let him down all night. Decent cross to set up Arshavin and he won a couple of headers but his general play is atrocious.


Arshavin – 4 – Forced a decent save from Carroll with a fierce effort but can’t remember him doing anything else of note in the 45 minutes he was on the pitch. Completely un-interested.

Angha – N/A – Only on for last 8 minutes.

So we’re in the draw for the last 16 despite the defeat and could face the likes of Barcelona, PSG and Dortmund but could have got Real Madrid, AC Milan or Valencia/Bayern if we came top, so there are plenty of tough sides to face either way. West Brom up next in what is truly a must-win game.

What were your player ratings from the game? Get involved in the comments section.



  1. Wayne

    December 4, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    Vermalen 5 – good first half but he’s the captain! He really have to improve his organisational skills! He can be an absolute top defender, but he has to LEAD our squad now!!!
    Gervinho 3 – maybe it seems harsh but i just cant see ANY PROGRESS! His feet can play briliantly but his football brain misses some absolutly trivial knowledge! There were at least 3 situations where he just made a terrible decission! He shoots when he should pass, he passes when he should run, he runs when he should shoot – terrible! Again again and again… This is his problem since he arrived and didnt change at all till today!
    Rocicky 9 – He’s shown everything we need! Hope so much he stays fit and i have no doubts he will turn our season and SPIRIT to winning glory again!
    Otherwise i agree with your ratings! Well done! 🙂

  2. the king

    December 5, 2012 at 12:21 am

    its becoming bit of a joke
    why are we always looking to have a go at our deference and vermalen.

    at the back we was okay vermalen was great done alot of good work he done the job for to people there..seeing as squillaci i was anonymous in the game.

  3. OMGArsenal

    December 5, 2012 at 1:46 am

    Well another annual Greek pre-season friendly over with and the usual result. Wenger had little motivation toi win this one and it was clear friom the start that he wanted to expose some of our good youth players to the CL and at the same time give some benchwarmers a run to prepare them for a firesale in January lor the summer.
    Pretty good assessment Gooner Mac and I agree that Sczesny’s principal weakness seems to be from shots outside the penalty area but he made some strong saves as well early on (7). Gervinho seems to run into trouble all the time and doesn’t seem to be playing with any awareness of who is around him (5). Rambo worked very hard but either his timing is off or he is far too offensive minded to be a midfielder (5). Rosicky was fabulous while he was on and a great goal from 20 yards out(8.5). Meade was strong all game and it is hard to believe he is just 19!(8)
    Chamakh,Arshavin and the Ox were trying but seemed to disappear against a well organized Olympiakos side. (5 each)
    Squillaci surprised me with his aerial ability and partnered well with Vermaelen in the first half but the entire team diminished in the 2nd half. (7)

  4. FoolishgoonerFoolishgooner

    December 5, 2012 at 3:01 am

    It is what it is…. We have lost games before, but I don’t remember Arsenal team that were dominated as much as this season… I mean we made Olympikos looklike Barcelona! Too much ball watching not enough aggressiveness defensively and offensively… It is like they were trained to contain (zone) no Arsenal player besides Jack Wilshere and may be Sagna and Kolcieny hurries opponents off the ball, opponents are able to gather the ball look up assess options and take necessary actions at will. Because players are instructed to defend an imaginary One! We treat every player like mess never get close to them. There where six arsenal players around the ball for the second goal… And all they did was block the Goalkeepers line of vision.. Sadly no matter how much you score opponents will always have a chance to get back… It is not working, it is not going to work! To compare another sport loosely, give any NFL quarterback more than 2 seconds and he will find a completion. Pressure on the ball ladies and gents is the key ingredient missing in Arsenal play… Rosicky thank you for knowing how to hurry and get the ball back… He should play alongside Cazorla… Get me defensive Mid too (stronger and faster than Arteta)

  5. gooooner

    December 5, 2012 at 7:20 am

    d give Gervinho a 6, yeah he was frustrating at times. But was he as much as responsible for our only goal as Rosicky was.

    Arshavin gets a 6 aswell. He was quite at times but whenever he got the ball he was very creative, he was the only bright spark in the second half. Main reason for hs inactivity was the ENTIRE teams inactivity in the second half

    • WoodyD

      December 5, 2012 at 11:43 pm

      This squad’s problems begin w/ inactivity. On the ball creativity is not at a premium and not helped by complete lack of movement by off the ball players. So frustrating to watch.

  6. Goonerboyo

    December 5, 2012 at 7:41 am

    Champions League?
    More like Championship!
    Finding our level now boys

  7. damien

    December 5, 2012 at 9:55 am

    THANKS guys,atlest someone can agree with me concerning arteta ramsey,they always pass backwards and sideways.

    my argument is.Even if song was too attack minded,atlest he assisted van persie with several goals..yes i agree he exposed our back four,which made us concede goals

    but i would rather we win 5-4 in 10 games in row for 3points,,rather than draw 5games,loose 1 and win 4..just because our CDM is too afraid to go to the front and help in attack

  8. Toye

    December 5, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    Let me see if he ever use ramsey again

    • Charlie

      December 6, 2012 at 4:51 am

      Wishful thinking. I suspect that he’ll be back in the starting lineup on Saturday unfortunately.

  9. jason

    December 5, 2012 at 11:13 pm


  10. WoodyD

    December 5, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    Honestly – are these (or any) rating based on performance against the players supposed abilities, performance against expectations, or performance against the average positional player?

    Squid is not Arsenal quality for me but he would have been rated higher if his shirt said Koscielny on the back. He was dominant in the air and was solid in positioning. His yellow card would have been called a ‘professional foul’ if his name was Vermaelen.

    Jenkinson was atrocious and constantly out of position or marking air. Nice bench player but don’t feel he has footballing brain and ability to be a long term starter.

    As much as I want to like Meade he clearly has work to do. Another player caught out of position and chasing play – though his immense speed allows him to regain positioning more quickly than most.

    Coquelin also has promise but seems to be Song-light. Chasing the ball and a bit clumsy in tackle. He was nowhere to be found on the second goal. Not even close to a 6.

    Gervinho? I can only hope he’s sold. Has promise – not unlike a young Adebayor – but I don’t see him conquering his ranginess and developing a sense of touch.

  11. Peter Hill

    December 6, 2012 at 8:39 am

    Meade already looks a better left back than Gibbs, who’s more a winger and whose poor positional play in defence leaves us exposed down that flank far too often. I saw him make his debut in the Carling Cup against Sheffield United more than five years ago and he’s making the same positional mistakes now that he made then. He hasn’t learnt a thing. He gets caught upfield too often and even when he’s back in defence he constantly drifts infield leaving a huge exposed area.

  12. T2T

    December 6, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    Why didn’t AW let a third player get a chance. When bringing along these young players – give them at least 15 min.

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