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Matchball - Come Play

It’s finally here! The fantasy football game where you can compete against your friends and win real money!

Like the majority of football lovers, I have played fantasy football games for as long as I can remember, but I’ve always thought the game makers were missing a trick. Sure, fantasy football is fun and exciting, but when real money is on the line it takes the excitement to a whole new level.

Introducing They have created an online game that has combined the social nature of fantasy football with the ability to bet and win real money. As a regular online gambler i enjoy playing online blackjack, poker and sports betting so for this website to offer me the chance to make money from playing fantasy football, I couldn’t resist. Signing up takes less than a minute (you can even set up via Facebook) and you can play against friends or unknown opponents from within the MatchBall community in weekly matches either for fun or for real money.

The aim is to create a virtual team every week, challenge opponents, score points for your players performances in the real live matches and win money! The game-play is simple. You select to play either:

– Duel: challenge to play only one other person.

– Tournament: play against as many friends as you want or up to 9 other members of a community.

– Unlimited: play against an unlimited number of opponents and have a chance to win the ‘gameweek super prize pool’

Once you’ve chosen your game type, you then select which league you want to play, either the Premier League, Champions League or La Liga. The final thing you need to do is select how much you want to bet. Wagers can range from £0 – £20, but of course the more you wager the more you can win.

Once the match is set-up, it’s time for the fun part; selecting your team. You have £100m to spend on 11 players and unlike most other fantasy football games, you can choose as many players from the same team as you want. You can select from various different formations and points are scored for appearances, goals, clean sheets, etc but points are also deducted for red and yellow cards and missing a penalty.

The key here is to select players who you think will score the most points for that particular game week.

All data is published live, so you can keep track of how your scoring against your opponent throughout the games. At the end of the game week, the player who’s team scored the most points, wins. It’s that simple. In the event of a tie, the team who scored the most goals will win, and if that’s still level it’s the team who has the most players who won their games.

All new players who register by April 30th will receive £5 free. Also until the end of April, all players who deposit within 24hrs of registering will received 100% cashback up to £20 if they lose their first match.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to MatchBall now and get started!

NOTE: Due to the gambling nature of the games, participants must be at least 18-years-old.”

Matchball - Come Play

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