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Both Vela & Bendtner To Leave Arsenal?

Vela and Bendtner have expressed desires to omve out of Arsenal. What will their fates be?


The past week was a good one for Arsenal. The club moved to a position from where it could realistically win the League Cup and may be even use it as a springboard for further success. The Gunners also won at Villa Park 4-2, a result that was imperative to boost the players’ confidence after rotten results against the Spurs and Braga. However, a discordant note among the sweet symphony that was last week came in the form of the news that Carlos Vela, Arsenal’s young Mexican striker may be looking for a move from the Emirates if he does not get ample first team opportunities with his current employers.

The news was definitely saddening, the young Mexican being one of the promising and hugely talented players in the squad. In a squad which has Robin van Persie, Marouane Chamakh and Nicklas Bendtner, Carlos Vela feels he may not get the opportunity to showcase his awesome skills and moves.

The news that Vela is looking to move reminded me of the news circuits a few months ago. They seemed to suggest that Nicklas Bendtner may be looking to move out of the Emirates citing lack of opportunities. Taking both these news items by their face value, things do not look to be too rosy for Arsenal as the two young strikers seem to be looking for greener pastures elsewhere. The situation is especially bad considering that in the main senior team, Arsenal have only four forwards, with Eduardo having joined Shakthar Donetsk in August.

If the news about both Vela and Bendtner are to be believed, Arsenal might soon find themselves choosing between the Mexican and Dane. The club surely cannot afford to let both the players go but Arsenal might find it tough to keep two disgruntled players in the camp.

Vela and Bendtner have been creating a dichotomy of sorts at Arsenal for quite some time now. The two players are of distinctly two types and their styles could be said to be of contrasting natures. Vela is small, of slight build. He is quick and blessed with a silky touch and has a bag full of tricks. Bendtner on the other hand is tall and strong and brings the physical element in the box.

Over the course of their tenure at Arsenal the two players have had varying reception with the fans. Bendtner’s almost criminal wastefulness in front of goal has not gone down well with Gooners and not many of them would be shedding a tear if the Dane were to shed the red and white. The forward would not be fancied to score in any sitter, such has been his history. Though he brings an added dimension to the Arsenal game with his physique and has a great ability to get in to great positions, he has made almost nothing with these assets at Arsenal.

Added to this, the fans are frequently subjected to proclamations from the man as to how he would be the top scorer for Arsenal one day and how he would win the golden boot at a World Cup.

Vela on the other hand is a fine finisher, someone you would trust to slot the ball past a defender and a goal keeper. However, the facet of the game which has been against Vela is the physical aspect. Maybe because he is of a slight build, he goes down frequently, often in the box. Some of these have been seen as too soft and even as theatrics. In fact, this fact was best displayed in the game against Braga when he was penalised for diving when it was a legitimate penalty.

In the Premier League, arguably the most physical league in the world, this aspect of Vela often stands against him. One can often observe Vela crowded out and even physically intimidated by large defenders almost every club seems to have. He looks like a lost schoolboy in a huge park among the big and the burly.

Other than his physique, Vela is a fine player. Though he was wasteful against Wigan in the League Cup, Vela’s skills and assets have been on display for long. He has performed credibly in most of the opportunities he has been given. In fact, rumour has it that clubs from Spain are already in touch with the young Mexican. One does not hear of offers made to Bendtner, though.

Vela is clearly the better player when compared to Bendtner. The major advantage that Bendtner offered Arsenal was his physique and the ability to win headers. However, with the arrival of Marouane Chamakh the scenario has changed. Now, not only does Arsenal have a man to nod the ball in, he can do it a whole lot better than Bendtner. The Morroccan is currently the top scorer for Arsenal this season while Bendtner struggle to make it on to the bench.

Meanwhile, Vela offers a quality and dimension that is not be found in van Persie or Chamakh. He is a classic modern Arsenal player. A player who can pass, dribble and score while he moves as if he is floating. Vela should be the higher priority for Arsenal if they are forced to let one of the substitute forwards go.

Currently, Arsenal feature as its forwards Robin van Persie, Marouane Chamakh, Carlos Vela and Nicklas Bendtner. Four forwards just may not be enough to mount a successful challenge for the league title, though one may argue that Arsenal have added option of Theo Walcott. Arsenal would need at least five forwards in its team, one more than the number they currently possess. If Vela or Bendtner want to leave that would leave Wenger with the task of finding two forwards who can carry the Arsenal mantle.

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