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The Official Match ****

Starting today, The Armoury will introduce a new section into its posts. Usually I have observed that after every match Gooners tend to criticise and swear at some players, and for others its praise. So I came up with the idea of the “Official Match ****”, if you think it should be somebody else, do let us know….[and no jokes plz !]

Arsenal vs Fulham

After alot of discussion from the jury, we have finally selected a winner from our 2 nominees -Theo & SQ18 – AND….

The official Match **** award goes to Theo Walcott

  1. Theo was brought into the match to replace Jack Wilshere on the 72nd minute on Saturday. From that time on, I had no clue what he was supposed to do, and what he was doing! He received the ball from Sagna on the right, and began running up a blind alley. On approaching the corner flag, he tried to provide a cross. And what a cross it was, the ball flew outside the damn stadium!
  2. On his second try Theo decided to waste some time, so he employed the oldest trick in the book, where players go and play keep-ball near the corner flag. Within minutes, actually to be more precise within seconds he was tackled by Dempsey and Fulham had possession!
  3. On his third try Theo was the sole spear-head of the counter-attack after RVP had given him the ball just inside his own half. On receving the ball, boy, did he not run…..He ran, and ran, and ran some more until he ran completely off the pitch. I guess he was just getting warmed up, for God knows what!


Well, in all honesty, Theo really played badly during the 20 minutes he was on the field. Undoubtedly the guy has talent, but we only get to see glimpses of it through-out the season. He was marvellous against Burnley at the Emirates last season, and I guess that was the only time we really saw the English-man play…apart from that, it’s just been flashes of brilliance.



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