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Hodgson: Out of touch, out of depth, out of here

With some of the most loyal fans in the country, in deep turmoil and desperation for a new manager, you’d think that those associated with Liverpool FC would be more hospitable than ever. Despite this, on 1.7.2010 Hodgson arrived to a feeling of apprehension and doubt about his appointment. At the time, although feeling apprehensive myself, I couldn’t find any clear reasons why. Some suggested that the turmoil that had ensued was the cause. But I disagreed.

Chairman calling?

Now, less than a week after marking his 5 month tenure, the apprehension has turned to almost despair. After some encouraging summer signings (Joe Cole et al) and an encouraging start, Liverpool seemed to be moving up a gear. But then a few lacklustre performances in the Europa League brought back a certain anxiety. Forgiving, as ever, were the Liverpool fans that refused to blame Hodgson and instead blame the financial wranglings in the club.

But after No significant improvement, and a lack of consistency, coupled with new positive owners, It should be time for Hodgson to step down. Even looking at the unlucky 2-1 defeat by spurs should be met with disapproval. For Paul Konchesky- signed by Hodgson who had placed much confidence in him, looked out of sorts dealing the with a Liverpool style away performance, I.e. being able to mix defence efficiently with attack. And it was Konchesky who was left flat footed, when he should have been prepared, by a crouch flick on to predatorial Aaron Lennon.

It is clear now that the apprehension was about the stature of the club he was taking over, something which he had limited experience. And with the turmoil at the club, Hodgson doesn’t appear strong enough to dominate in his role. With the new owners looking to change dysfunctional foundations of the club, Hodgson could be next on the axe-list.



  1. Martin W

    December 6, 2010 at 9:57 am

    What ‘encouraging start’ was this? A dreadful pre-season, then a backs to the wall display against Arsenal was followed by being humiliated by City. A lucky home win against WBA, despite being outplayed, and then the infamous ‘lowering of expectations’ after a dismal draw with Birmingham. This fraud was sussed out at the start of his horrendous tenure. The behind the scenes issues were not seen as the cause of his performance, it was clearly his incompetence. He is despised and should resign if he had any decency.

  2. Rory Luck

    December 8, 2010 at 11:59 am

    Apologies, the encouraging start was in reference to the Arsenal result, which I believed showed promise for example, Ngogs excellent goal and Jovanovic’s promising performance. All in all a draw with arsenal after the rebuilding job was a pretty good result. I also stipulate in the article that I also did not believe that the owner-troubles were to blame, but merely poor management,

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