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After all the talk, Gunners don’t show any “WALK”

After all the pre-match gung-ho talk from the players, I was really optimistic about our chances this time. It was probably naivety that brought me to believe that the boys were finally out to prove their doubters wrong and end the losing streak against the Red Devils.

Unfortunately, we were treated to the same lackluster performance that we have seen from the team over the past weeks. Whereas, we could just scrapped pass Fulham and Partizan with such performances, it was always going to be hard against Manchester United at their own den. It was not so much that the home team was outstanding, just that our boys did not show up for the match.

United have played pretty much like how they have done all this season, not really impressing but able to grind out the matches. Earlier in the season, their matches ended in draws but they have since turned the corner and convert such insipid performances to wins. As for the Gunners, we are still stuck during games where the opposition has a strong defensive unit. We hardly had a shot at goal. Throughout the match, I only remembered Chamakh’s header in the first half as forcing Van de Sar to make a save. Other than that, NOTHING. Even the introduction of Cesc and Robin failed to make anything worthwhile offensively.

This was the weekend where we could take a big step in the race for the title. However, yet again we failed to capitalize on this opportunity.

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid.

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