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Wenger Is God

The only thing which you cannot defend against is individual brilliance – Carlton Palmer, before the Clasico

Let me first clarify that at the time at which I had written this post, I was not angry…..

Ok, so where do we go from here. In a match which showed so much promise to the build-up was so badly screwed by us, that i don’t know where to begin. Surfing the net in the last few days, I came across a few blokes who said that they were proud the way the team lost, and that it was an honorable loss. Are you ***’n serious, an honourable loss, my ass!

We got ***ed inside out at Old Trafford, and there are still people who think this was a ‘good’ loss. Was that a performance??? God help me if that was a performance by a club whose standard is among Europe’s élite clubs. Face the facts, but NO, most Gooners will prefer to say, ”that its fine and lets move on.” Oh, go to hell, move on. Are you seriously considering the fact that we were unfortunate at OT. Tell me, in the first half did you see any ‘real’ Arsenal chance to score, any ‘real’ chance. Name one, I ***’n dare you. A match which from the beginning was tactically spot on by SAF, was countered by nothing from Arsenal…But NO, WENGER IS RIGHT.

From the time the squads were ready and lined up in the tunnel, the tactics of United were clear. Packing the entire midfield with work-horses, they were going to pressurise us, and not let us play. And didn’t that work splendidly! Was anyone surprised as why Berbatov never played? I mean surely a manager would start a player who scored 5 times in their last home game. Really? No one ever brought up the topic why Dimi never started….I mean was it not clear?? The guy never runs that much, he is a stroller, and creates a lagging effect to the game, whereas Park runs, keeps the game moving and maintains the tempo of the game.

Now United tactics were simple and effective. Pack the entire midfield with people who run and close down. Play a formation of 4-5-1, with Rooney up top, and try to catch Arsenal on the counter-attack. When United lost possession every body would fall back except from Rooney so if they get the ball a counterattack can easily be initiated. …But NO, WENGER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

After his performance against Partizan last week, any sane man would start him at Old Trafford. And don’t give me that Evra plays LB because if Theo has to become the best he ought to play with the best. Also taking down Evra would give him more confidence!

Samir Nasri, our player of the season, was scheduled to start on the right flank whereas Rosicky a person who naturally plays on the wing was told to play alongside Wilshere as CAM,…. but NO, WENGER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Marouane Chamakh was chosen to start instead of RVP. A player who can only win the ball aerially, was chosen over a player who is useful overall and most importantly as a central striker. But wait, the better part of it all was the fact that the entire team was set up in such a manner that apart from the full-backs, and AA23 no one really like to cross or play the long-balls. Thus rendering Chamakh useless! This was more painful when the Moroccan missed the actual, ‘real’ opportunity to score when VDS spilled Nasri’s shot…BUT No, WENGER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

It’s the same excuse for not winning, it’s the same team , where have we improved, where have we developed. All Arsenal is for good these days is catching the media’s eyes for raising ticket prices. Our splendid football had got us nowhere in this match, and we have already lost 5 matches in the season without even reaching middle of the campaign. We shall be drawn against either Madrid, Barca, Bayern or Schalke, and can anybody guess what shall be the scoreline then???….BUT NO, WENGER IS ALAWYS RIGHT.

United dont have any player who is individually brilliant, and they don’t have anymore a CR7. So why did they win? They did not play pretty, and they did not play well outstanding so how did they pick up 3 points. Well, its simple. It’s because that man who goes on chewing gum in the dug-out is a mastermind in tactics. The man set up his team in such a manner that they would not only defend, and not concede, but they would also be a ‘real’ attacking threat. Kudos to you Sir Alex, you have done it again…But NO WENGER, IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Now this is one question which is seriously bothering me, so i am just going to come out with it. There are many Gooners out there, who feel that AW is the best, and keep faith in him. But let me ask you something..When was the last time you saw Wenger beat a top team convincingly. You know why we won at City, its plainly because we were against 10 men. I know, you know it, and even that French-bloke knows it. When was the last time you saw Wenger apply a good tactic to counter a team. Liverpool thrashed United 4-1 at OT, when was the last time we beat a top team with margin more than 3 goals in the Premier League. When ??

I’ll give you people a word of advice. And this especially goes to those guys who think that Wenger is everything, and that the sun rises and sets in his ***! Don’t keep faith in Wenger, that guy will get you nowehere*, keep faith in Arsenal ! Don’t keep faith in Wenger, but keep faith in the players who ****’n try. Players like Jack, Samir etc. Every time we face United we lose, the last time we won was in November 2008 at the Emirates, and every time we get it tactically wrong. You know, the saddest part is that no player in United is in top-form right now, so the quote on top hurts even more. We may win the next match, but will probably lose to Chelsea, Why?? Because our boss has a habit of going inside games unprepared ad deciding on the spot. Mourinho for a mere 1-0 win against Roma last season stayed up nights working on his laptop, seeing how Roma play and what tactics Ranieri uses. He saw the best way to defend against Ranieri and the weaknesses of his team, and that’s how he won. I bet Sir Alex did the same thing…

Do what you want and say what you want but if the team is not going to get tactically sound in the next match, in all fairness we may not even play in Europe next season !!!

*Important foot-note: I am not against Wenger but I just feel that everybody should stop professing about him like God, as he is a human and is liable to make mistakes. Sadly, it’s the same thing over and over again. He should not leave the club as what he is done for the club is immense, but should change himself by putting his stupid ego aside. If he does, we will win the league, and if he doesn’t we’ll make it 6 in a row !



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