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Shawcross just rubs me the wrong way

Much has been said about the response that Ryan Shawcross will receive when he steps onto the pitch this afternoon. Even Arsene has come out and ask the fans not to give the guy a hard time. Personally, if I am at the stadium, I would be jeering until my throat is hoarse each time the player touches the ball. I just cannot stand the way the guys is made to look like a saint even after causing injury to two Arsenal players.

I would have respected him more if he had to admit that he was wrong in making the rash challenge which broke Rambo’s leg. He didn’t. All he said was that he didn’t meant it and it was not malicious. Of course, every player does not go into a challenge aiming to break a players’s leg (unless you’are Roy Keane) but whether the tackle needs to be made have to be examine. I still haven’t forgiven the guy and I don’t think I will no matter what Arsene says.

I don’t like to be vindictive but maybe he just rubs me the wrong way. Anyway,  I would be happy if the Gunners can just thump Stoke and climb back up to the top of the Premiership.

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid.

***It has been confirmed that Arsenal vs Stoke has been postponed***

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