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Best Seats to Enjoy a Manchester United FC Game in Old Trafford

Here we look at where would be the best seat to enjoy a Manchester United game at Old Trafford.

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The love we have for football is just beyond normal. Soccer takes us to heights of love. We start discussing an impending game with so much passion, the match day comes, and we are glued to our screens, even after the match, we still relish the happenings by talking about it.  That love can’t be reduced. It’s deep and comes from a place of pure passion. But, nothing beats the experience of watching a live football match. With all the shouts, the excitement, the fans, the outdoor experience is one to die for.

Let’s take a journey to England. A place that has come to be dubbed as the home of football. Soccer is worshiped in this country and the worshippers are loyal and will spent huge sums of money to get a good seat in the stadium.

Now, in England, let us narrow it down to the Theatre of Dreams. The one stadium in the UK that elicits much passion. This stadium is home to Manchester United. It is indeed a place where dreams have been made. A place where the best kind of football is played and legends are crowned. What better thrill to have than to watch a football match here? What better thrill than to watch the match while sitting at an awesome part of the stadium.

If you want good Manchester United seats in your next game, you should get a seat in Tier One or Tier Two. Tier Three is quite high, one would need to climb about 200 steps to get there, and also, the pitch is too far away. Still on the view, the Tier One seats around the North Stand. There, you can get awesome close-ups of the players.

But, many would readily sacrifice the view for the atmosphere. This is possible because there are large screens placed around the stadium. Hence, you would definitely have something to look at and enjoy the game. But, the atmosphere is actually what many go to stadiums to get.

And no other place to get that atmosphere other than the Stretford End. This is the soul and heartbeat of Manchester United’s Old Trafford. This is where you want to be if you want the true matchday experience at Manchester United.

If you are a lover of the late excitement that comes at the end parts of the match, then try getting seats at the Stretford End of the stadium. This is because most times, during the second half, the team is attacking the Stretford End, so you can get to view this clearly. Also, this area has the best atmosphere with thousands of fans singing throughout the ninety minutes.

The best seats to watch a Manchester United game are definitely at the Stretford End of Old Trafford.

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