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By Fab4.

Tonight is a very important night in the Premier League with Arsenal hosting Liverpool, Aston Villa welcoming Manchester United and Chelsea travelling to Goodison Park to play Everton. But i would like to look at the news about Fabregas as well as Arsene Wengers comments regarding our lack of spending power.

Fabregas to Barca?

The big news over the past 24hrs has been regarding our Spanish wonder-kid Cesc Fabregas. Spanish radio station Cadena Ser reports that Cesc has reached a ‘verbal agreement’ to join Barca in the summer.

‘There is a firm agreement between Barca and Cesc Fabregas, even if it is only verbal, several meetings have taken place and, following those meetings, Cesc told Barca that he wanted to rejoin them from next season.’

Barca have just officially denied any contact saying they would always contact the club first.

“Barca flatly denies any negotiation or agreement with Fabregas. Under FIFA regulations the recruitment policy of Barcalona is always prioritising negotiations with the players club of origin then the player.”

Yeah right! God forbid Barca would tap-up a player before contacting the club. Who knows if those reports are true or not. I think Fabregas has earned our trust and he has always come out and denied these kind of rumours in the past, so much so that he stressed how boring it had all become. But lets just say for arguments sake it was true. Would you blame him?

I certainly wouldn’t and i think most Arsenal fans would feel the same.  We all know Fabregas will leave one day, it’s just a matter of when. He has turned down big-money moves to Real and Barca for three years now but has been loyal to Arsene Wenger and Arsenal by staying at the club despite their efforts to unsettle him.

He has always said he would like to back to Spain in the future but wants to win something with Arsenal before he leaves. But perhaps he isn’t convinced that’s going to happen any time soon and feels now is the right time to ‘go home’ and further his career. In which case i would respect him decision and wish him well.

I know some Arsenal fans will point to Flamini and Hleb as examples that the grass isn’t always greener. But Fabregas isn’t Flamini or Hleb, he is truly world-class and would fit in at Barca perfectly. We would make a tidy profit from the sale, so Arsene/the board/the bank manager will all be happy and Cesc will go on to win the trophies his talent deserves so he’ll be happy.

I would feel a little disappointed if he had made the agreement mid-season behind the clubs back, but i suppose this is how all high profile moves are conducted these days.

My gut feeling is that the story is rubbish. It’s just another example of Cesc being used as a pawn in Barca’s presidency campaigns. But if we end the season empty handed once again, i wouldn’t be surprised if Fabregas did leave for pastures new.

Arsenal can’t afford big-money signings

Arsene Wenger has once again stated that Arsenal have a strict transfer and wage policy and will respect it, therefore they can’t afford any big money transfers.

“If you go on high transfers, you go on high wages – it is linked, but we cannot afford,” Wenger said. “We have gone for a policy and we need to be strong and patient and sometimes get knock-backs but still persist. Football lives in an artificial world at the moment.

“People ask me ‘Why do you not buy a great striker?’ Tell me one who has moved from one club to another – not one. We tried to sign players, but it didn’t work.”

This doesn’t really come as a big surprise to Arsenal fans, we all know the club wont make big-money signings. But it’s just curious how Arsene says this only two weeks after claiming he made an attempt to sign David Villa. Would he not be classed as a big-money player?

The lack of big-money signings would be understandable had we not just made a huge profit once again this year. It also doesn’t help when the board come out all the time saying if Arsene wants a 30 million pound player we have the money. Only for Wenger to say the following day we don’t have the resources to compete with the likes of Chelsea.

How about this. Stop giving out 50k a week contracts to players who don’t deserve it. Make the players earn a big contract. Pay the best players the most money, that’s how it should be. They deserve more money for their superior talent. Rewarding average squad players who have proven nothing yet is damaging and breeds complacency.

Cut the wage bill by having a sensible wage structure that is based on performances, contribution and ability. Then we may be able to afford a few more star names that will make us a real title threat. But i wont hold my breath on that one.

Another summer of frustration may be upon us. A big game tonight to look forward to though. Match Preview coming shortly.

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