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Premier League Betting Tips for Beginners | EPL Soccer Odds

Here we look at Premier League betting tips for beginners including types of bets such as outrights, over/under and goals plus tips to win more often

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The English Premier League is among the most popular football leagues in the world. It consists of 20 teams who play two games against each other, home and away, in a season which usually runs from August to May.

English Premier League Odds

EPL has a wide range of betting markets including outright bets, which involve predicting the outcome of the entire league, and bets on particular matches.

Types of EPL Outright Odds

League title odds

Various bookmakers offer odds for each of the 20 clubs to win the league title. This market is available before and during the season. The value of odds however keeps changing as the season continues depending on various factors such as the club’s performance, new signings and player injuries. EPL Odd on this market can vary across different bookmakers, therefore, it is advisable to compare across bookmakers to find the best odds.

Top four odds

You can bet for this market by picking one club that will finish in the top four or by placing an exacta bet where you are required to correctly predict each of the teams that will take the top four positions.

Relegation Odds

In this market, betters predict which teams to finish in the bottom three positions and are available before and throughout the season.

Points handicap odds

Under this market, each club is given a points handicap with the most likely to win getting the mark of 0 and the most likely to lose getting the +40 mark. This creates an even competition and at the end of the season the total points are added to the handicap and the one with the highest sum wins the market.

Top goalscorer odds

This market is straightforward as you only need to predict who will have scored the most goals during the season.

Types of EPL Odds for Individual Matches


This market allows you to choose the total number of goals to be attained or not attained by both teams during the match. For instance, if the total number of goals scored by both teams during the match are three, anyone who had bet on “over 2.5 goals” will win a payout. If the match ends without any of the teams scoring, the payout will be won by anyone who chose “under 0.5 goals”. Alternatively, you are allowed to bet for individual teams to surpass a given limit of total goals in either halves or full-time.

Goal times

This market allows bettors to bet on particular players to score within given phases of the game. The main deciding factor in this market is the exact goal time, often rounded up to the nearest minute. Alternatively, you can also bet on a certain team to score within certain periods instead of individual players. The common time frames for this market across sportsbooks are:

  • Halves (1-45 or 46-90+ minutes)
  • Thirds (1-30, 31-60, 61-90+)
  • Sixths (1-15, 16-30, etc.)
  • Ninths (1-10, 11-20, etc.)

Halftime and full-time

To be eligible for a payout in this market you must correctly predict the halftime and full-time match result correctly..

Both teams to score and win to nil

The both teams to score (BTTS)market mostly attracts bettors who aim to create accumulator bets because the odds are relatively low. The win to nil market rewards bettors who bet on one team to not score any goal at all throughout the match.

Tips to Improve your Chances of Winning

Observing the following tips can increase your chances of winning when betting for the EPL odd:

  • Create accounts with many bookmakers
  • Place bets only when there is value
  • Specialize in specific betting markets
  • Employ a consistent staking technique
  • Keep clear records of the bets you place
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