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Title Race – Arsenal vs United: Strength in Depth will be the Difference

Not for the first time this season, United eeked out a hugely important win with a late goal in a tight game. Bolton made it very tough for us and on the back of a Champions League midweek fixture, it was never going to a stroll in the park. The Bulgarian Stallion, Dimitar Berbatov, came off the bench to score an absolutely critical goal in the context of the run in.

The failure of Arsenal to collect all three points away to West Brom gives us a little breathing room once again. This Arsenal side don’t seem to have the bottle to really come after us and rely too heavily on a couple of players. When they suffer some injuries or lack of form from their big players, they find it difficult to grind out wins.

Hernandez always dangerous

This is one area where I think United have the edge. Of course we have players who are more important to us than others; Nani and Vidic are two obvious cases at the moment. However, even when we suffer injuries and suspensions, there is generally enough quality there to get us over the line. At different stages this season, we have been without Ferdinand, Rooney and Valencia all for long periods, among others.

Our strike force is a prime example. No one player has been on a goal rush all season. Yes, Berbatov has got plenty, with a couple of hatfuls. Hernanadez has always looked dangerous, even having not started the majority and Rooney has had long spells in poor form. Yet it seems that one of them will produce when the pothers aren’t. Last Saturday was a perfect example. Berbatove didn’t start but grabbed the winner in the 88th minute. Against Marseille, Hernandez grabbed two while in the pevious game against Arsenal, Rooney bagged one. The three players have scored 46 goals between them this season, no meant feat.

Our defensive injuries are a concern, particularly when you see Michael Carrick filling in at centre back against Bolton on Saturday but there is still some cover here and Vidic is back soon. Look at the Arsenal back four!

We have written here before that the United squad needs strengthening but in fact our squad has shaped up quite well. While we may be missing some genius in the middle of the park, we have quality pretty much across the board and look well equipped to win the title. Unlike Arsenal.

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  1. nicky

    March 23, 2011 at 11:09 am

    Of course United “have the edge ” over Arsenal this and every season, the simple reason being the lax refereeing at OT. This term alone, a strong, impartial ref would have redcarded Vidic, Fletcher, Rooney, Scholes AND Giggs at various times…….but they lacked the bottle and Ferguson had his beady eye on them.
    Until a fair system of control is introduced (or the twisted Ferguson departs) Utd will ALWAYS have the edge.

  2. cin

    March 23, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Talent wise Arsenal and Manu players are almost same.
    But manu having more match winners and manu having players with winning mentality.
    And Manu can chage their tempo very fast and win the game, but in this case arsenal is nothing and not abl to change their tempo at all.

  3. realistic tony

    March 23, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    there are differences in styles and individual strengths in each position between the two.
    Im an arsenal fan/supporter and im disappointed that we lack leaders, tough guys at the back and only play one way. AW has allowed a decline in the quality of the players particularly at the back and this is where we are currently very vulnerable.
    It is true that the crucial game at the emirates will depend on the players available and key injuries to the world class players on either side will have a huge significance on the result.
    If Djourou plays, we have a chance.

  4. Charlie

    March 23, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    Arsenal are a team always on the front foot imposing their game on the opposition, with the exception of Barcelona. United can play in a variety of ways but are always set up to win. In some ways it is style vs substance. What causes Arsenal problems is that they are often caught short at the back because their system is risky and it only really works when the players are all fantastic on the ball. Slightly sub-par players show up because every missed pass can be dangerous but on a good day it is almost unstoppable.

  5. joe71

    March 23, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    Arsenal have no business to be in the position they are in. The greedy board and Wenger’s incompetence as a manager eg not buying the right type of player, spending a mere £13m on 2 defenders who do not have much quality, insisting on not buying Swhartzer at the start of the season, and a very good defender in the January window, persisting on average players – all these mean Arsenal continue to fail in landing a trophy

  6. sifundo

    March 23, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    well, let’s take each match as it comes. we have some matches b4 Man U which are equally important. Beating Man U is not in itself winning the title. The problem is that we have lost confidence due to exit in cup competitions within a short space of time. If we manage to wipe off the agony of cup exits, I am quite sure we might brew a shocker against Man U and eventually win the league. This can be done with or without the so-called key players. Gunner for life

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