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What’s Wrong With This Arsenal Team? Lack Of Belief Is The Answer

Seriously, how can a team score a goal in the 98th minute of a match to lead and end up with a draw? I really do not understand how we can just throw away three points like that. While we used to have a fragile mindset in previous seasons, this year what we have done really takes the cake.

We were leading Spurs 2-0 at home yet end up losing 3-2. We lost to WBA and Newcastle at the Emirates. 1-0 up away to Sunderland and concede in the 95th minute to draw 1-1-. We were leading 4-0 at St James Park only to throw away the points again. Seriously something must be very wrong with the team. This can’t be fragile minds anymore. The excuse that this is a bunch of kids also does not hold up anymore because the lads are all grown up now. The Liverpool team had even more kids in the eleven that ended the match!

No doubt it was an unfamiliar Liverpool that was on display. I can entertain teams like WBA or Wigan coming to Arsenal and set up to park the bus but not Liverpool. Here is a team with wins over Chelsea and Manchester United but Daglish chose not to come at us. Maybe it was a sign of respect for our attacking prowess but if Liverpool had a more positive mindset, they could have possibly won the match. Nonetheless, they defended well and got the point they wanted. It was our responsibility to break them down and we failed rather badly.

The team didn’t play well at all. Arsene said the last 7 games were going to be like Cup Finals to the team. Well the team will certainly not be winning anything if they played like that in Cup Finals. There was no passion in the players at all. Arsene said the players looked jaded but they haven’t played a match in a week! How jaded could they be? Plus they are in a position to fight for the title. Surely there must be some impetus in that? It really looked like the players do not have the belief that they can catch Man United for the title. It is this lack of believe that will ultimately see us not winning anything this year….again.

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid



  1. realistic tony

    April 19, 2011 at 11:18 am

    there is no “mental strength” fact the regular comment from the manager that we have it is perverse in the extreme!
    we score, then we panic..its as scripted and obvious as that.
    This is the consequence of not having true leaders on the pitch……and we are not referring to captains they are just armband wearers about to depart our great club….but leaders that were captains like TA and PV4.
    The style of Arsenal is as Un-British as you can get now….and without being disparaging to other nationalities, (indeed we can praise french flair, italian defending, german efficiency etc), a british bulldog type ethos in the side will get you through from a winning position. I cannot give a better example than adams bould dixon winterburn…(keown in there to make sure!). This team collapses like a pack of cards and its 3 seasons now and 39 times failing to hold a lead!….would a sensible manager have spotted this earlier?…is it personnel or just lack of motivation?….

  2. Rokabox

    April 19, 2011 at 11:58 am

    Now to be fair, the team played well in the 1st half against a Liverpool team who defended with 10 men behind the ball, but as usual AW tactics in substitution did not pay off, why o why put Bedtner on right wing, and why Nasri was not substituetd as he was struggling. And of course they couldn’t keep it till the final whistle because they panic again, its not just Eboue, its Song for conceding the free kick and it’s always some one else in other matches that this Arsenal team cocked it up. AW you stubborn french garlic you should have fixed this problem three seasons ago…..

  3. Simba

    April 19, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    Arsene is the problem for me . He cant change tactics to put opposing teams under pressure .Liverpool had the youngest fullbacks playing , one on a yellow card . Instead of bringing the best dribblers in the team to attack the young fullbacks Arsene put Bendtner at the right flank .I would have thought , infact any manager who wants to win the title would have put Nasri far right tell him to dribble his way and drag the fullback wide stretch the Liverpool defense extremely , same with Arshavin , put low crosses into the box from far wide positions .A goal would have come with 20mins of those tactics especially with Skertel and Krygiakos in defense , they are not good with defending at feet .That is something a Title winning manager should have seen from the games Liverpool have lost with Skertel and Krygiakos calamaties.

    Eboue looked panicky from the 65th minute , he misplaced 70% of his passes in the final quarter of the game. I would have thought the manager should have called Fabregas or Djourou , tell them to pass the message to Eboue to not try fancy things , if he cant find a pass forward let him pass back all the time it was better than losing possession in the wrong areas of the pitch and pass the message to Eboue to keep focused and relaxed.That kind of message would have calmed the player down because the crowd was getting to the player.These are small things but they could have change the outcome of the game .

    After scoring the penalty surely the message which Fabregas should have told the team before kickoff resumed was not commit any fouls around the box , it was only 40-60seconds left on the clock .NO FOULS around your penalty area or half of your pitch when leading with a minute to play should be a message drilled from practice sessions and engrained .Song would not have committed that foul and i’m so confident even if Lucas had entered the box he would not have done so much with that possession .Liverpool would have mostly flashed themselves out of the game .

    AND YES it all goes down to the MENTAL STRENGTH to see a game out which unfortunately is not evident in this team .I wonder why keeping possession becomes an issue when Arsenal get into the last minute or in added time .They keep the ball well during the whole game and cant keep possession to see a game out ..its funny isnt it ..the we can all see that is ARSENE’s fault …practice makes perfect …he doesnt get the tactics well –it feeds onto players mindset ….then they breakdown …..

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