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What’s Wrong With This Arsenal Team? Lack Of Belief Is The Answer

Seriously, how can a team score a goal in the 98th minute of a match to lead and end up with a draw? I really do not understand how we can just throw away three points like that. While we used to have a fragile mindset in previous seasons, this year what we have done really takes the cake.

We were leading Spurs 2-0 at home yet end up losing 3-2. We lost to WBA and Newcastle at the Emirates. 1-0 up away to Sunderland and concede in the 95th minute to draw 1-1-. We were leading 4-0 at St James Park only to throw away the points again. Seriously something must be very wrong with the team. This can’t be fragile minds anymore. The excuse that this is a bunch of kids also does not hold up anymore because the lads are all grown up now. The Liverpool team had even more kids in the eleven that ended the match!

No doubt it was an unfamiliar Liverpool that was on display. I can entertain teams like WBA or Wigan coming to Arsenal and set up to park the bus but not Liverpool. Here is a team with wins over Chelsea and Manchester United but Daglish chose not to come at us. Maybe it was a sign of respect for our attacking prowess but if Liverpool had a more positive mindset, they could have possibly won the match. Nonetheless, they defended well and got the point they wanted. It was our responsibility to break them down and we failed rather badly.

The team didn’t play well at all. Arsene said the last 7 games were going to be like Cup Finals to the team. Well the team will certainly not be winning anything if they played like that in Cup Finals. There was no passion in the players at all. Arsene said the players looked jaded but they haven’t played a match in a week! How jaded could they be? Plus they are in a position to fight for the title. Surely there must be some impetus in that? It really looked like the players do not have the belief that they can catch Man United for the title. It is this lack of believe that will ultimately see us not winning anything this year….again.

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid

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