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A Discussion On Harry Redknapp….

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of guest articles. First up is Rob Handworker. Rob is in his mid 30′s, says Glenn Hoddle is the best player he’s seen at The Lane and won his child’s team loyalties thanks to Woody’s head. This is Rob’s first venture into Spurs blogging.

I know Rob as a calm influence, a mediator. So I was amused when he said he wanted to talk about Harry Redknapp. What was he thinking? Mediator? Twisted firestarter more like! Has this been discussed enough? Maybe so, but I’m hearing murmurs everyday, so clearly some want to say more. Anyway, Rob keeps his cool and looks at it from both sides. We’d love to hear your take on it.



Harry Redknapp. Discuss!

No I am not going to wait here for the air to turn blue and mass arguments to ensue. The season is over and the real debate is on, should Mr Redknapp still be managing our club come August?

In all my years supporting and discussing our club on various social networks and in real life, I have never seen a topic that is on everybody’s lips and at the forefront of their minds straight after a season has finished quite like this.

Your own personal view on the season, good, bad or indifferent is one thing, who you attribute the success to or whose door you lay the blame at is totally different.

From what I have seen and discussed it’s split right down the middle with fans getting quite agitated and angry whatever stance they have.

Harry has become very vocal in recent months and has alienated a lot of supporters with his ‘idiot’ tag and ‘this is the best it gets’ comments amongst others. So much so that I have seen the campaign started for ‘Harry Out’. Low key, yes, but the musings and doubtings have nevertheless begun.

Others say although he was wrong to say such things and continue to say them, Harry is just being Harry and seeing as football is a high pressure job maybe the strain of a truly terrible end to the season is beginning to take its toll. Plus we all know he loves to indulge the media and keep them onside with controversial statements.

Some also seem to think that HR is walking, nay strutting, around WHL like he is the messiah and the saviour of our great club! Really? Yes, we all know what he has done for us under and where we came from, but we have had better managers before him and will hopefully have better after he has left (for Chelsea or most likely England in a years time). The flip side of this argument is that he deserves his swagger as 4th along with CL qualification, QF in the competition a year later with 5th place is outstanding for the level we are at presently. I don’t think anyone is taking these achievements away from Harry and maybe the against camp have taken offence to his attitude rather what he has accomplished with us.

Do a lot of supporters think that Harry has disconnected with the fans? Yes they do, but others say they never connected with him in the first place.

Did he make poor decisions in the transfer market? Well, on the whole no but we all knew we desperately needed a high class striker in January, but not getting one might not have been his own fault, but rather Levy’s.

All football fans have a voice in the game and so they should with the amount it costs, but as we know this voice is rarely taken into account these days. Having little or no respect for the fans along with name calling and insults surely can’t be the way for a manager to act though?

We al have our thoughts on this one and some will be happy if he goes, some won’t, but we are ALL Spurs and want the best for our club. So if you have strong views on this or any other subject when discussing it please remember that any nastiness or rudeness is not needed.

Of course this could all be a moot discussion pending the outcome of the case against HR from the revenue this summer.

Whats my view I hear you ask? Well, its simple really. When he joined, I was surprised, he’s done fantastically well and given us great nights and memories during his tenure, but taking all into account, with all his recent comments, action and demeanour I think his time at the club has come to an end.

Two quotes stick in my mind though ‘you never know what you have until it’s gone’ and ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’

We shall see!

Hey, what do I know though?!


Submitted by Rob Handworker from THFC1882



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