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REPORTS: Arsenal Reject Formal Bid For Star | Bid For Parker Imminent

Another day goes by, with more transfer news, speculation, gossip, and rumors surrounding the Gunners. There are some interesting news today, especially concerning Fabregas’s future, so without further ado…. here is the Arsenal Transfer News Roundup….

Another day goes by, with more transfer news, speculation, gossip, and rumors surrounding the Gunners. There are some interesting news today, especially concerning Fabregas’s future, so without further ado…. here is the Arsenal Transfer News Roundup.

Arsenal Reject Fabregas Bid

Many reports are filtering around, stating that the Gunners have rejected a formal bid from Barcelona. The bid is said to be around 31 million pounds. In my opinion, a low, pathetic and a joke of an offer. The offer is way off Arsenal’s estimated valuation of around 50 million pounds. I’m going to say this again, if Barcelona don’t pay up, then they can piss off.

Link to the article:

Vela Not Leaving the Gunners

After recent speculation and rumors suggesting that Vela will leave the Gunners, his agent spoke out, denying the speculation and stating that Carlos Vela is staying a Gunner.

Here is what he said:

“I have had eight conversations with Arsenal, the most recent was last Friday, and Carlos is an Arsenal player, he will stay at Arsenal and is not for sale.”

I believe that this is good news, I’ve always liked him and I believe that he has the ability to be an excellent player for the Gunner. Hopefully, he’ll get more playing time, especially with Bendtner likely to leave.

Link to the article:,19528,11670_7002133,00.html

Arsenal to Bid For Scott Parker

Interesting news today suggesting that the Gunners are interested in bringing in one of the best players last season, West Ham’s Scott Parker. The report states that the Arsenal will bid for the England international by the end of the month. If this report is true, then I believe that Parker, if he can carry and continue his excellent performances from last season, will be an excellent signing for the Gunners.

Link to the article:

Here is a short video of Scott Parker, during his time at West Ham:


Arsenal Considering Making Surprise Move For Diarra

Another interesting piece of news, as a report suggests that Wenger is considering making a move for out-of-contract Malian international, Mahamadou Diarra. The report states that Diarra will be offered a one year deal, worth around 50,000 pounds a week.

Mahamdou Diarra, has long been linked with a move to the Gunners and was once considered, one of the best in his position in Europe. However, he has suffered from numerous injury problems and loss of form, so he’s a risky signing in my opinion. But, if Diarra can get himself back to fitness and form, he could prove to be a shrewd signing, not only by providing competition for Song, but also providing guidance to young, rising players like Emmanuel Frimpong.

Link to the article:

Here is a short video showing why Diarra was considered one of the best in his position in Europe:


What do you think? Should Wenger go for Scott Parker? Do you think that Wenger should make an attempt to sign Diarra? Do you agree that the reported offer for Fabregas is pathetic? Please share your thoughts and opinions.

Cheers and take care,

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  1. GunnerPete

    June 24, 2011 at 9:47 am

    Do you what……Im so sick of reading that manure/Chelski/City/Pool/Spurs…are interested in aplayer one week and signed him the next. What do we get…???? A link with someone for 3 years…thena scout sent again…then an insulting bid well below the asking price..then months of upping the bid by the odd half million then saying how shocked we are because they have signed for another club. This is not astute management or financial prowess because so many of the players who we were first in the queue for ie Ronaldo…have been sold later for incredible profits….ie; Ashley Young who is a gunner , like Smalling, could and should have been purchased from our own doorstep for £2/3 mill a couple of years look. Jones of Blackburn, Johnson of Boro, Johnson Brum, the list goes on and on…SO IS IT ARSENE OR THE BOARD?? ITS ABOUT TIME WE HAD AN HONEST ANSWER TO THIS SICK JOKE.

  2. Humpty Dumpty

    June 24, 2011 at 9:50 am

    Just what is the point of keeping Fabregas if he doesent want to stay?
    What has the money got to do with it. No one is going to pay 50m for him. Ony a clown would believe that.
    I would sooner we got shut of him and used whatever money we get to buy someone who wants to play for us.
    Wenger himself can fuck off also if he can’t get his head from out of his own big ego – the Fabregas situation is more about face saving for Wenger and his lap dogs the deluded yappy AKB – than it is anything else .
    Clichy wants to join LIVERPOOL and Nasri UNITED … says it all really … French Fries anyone?

  3. jonatan

    June 24, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    I’m recommending a bid for bid swap.
    for every pathetic excuse of a bid for cesc arsenal should offer the same amount for messi (because he means to barca what fabregas means to us) or a lesser bid for xavi (because it can be argued that his better then cesc but he is older and has less years in him) .

    lets go to war with barcelona!!! they are a disgrace of a football organization as there ever was one.

    p.s. the war has already started in the youth ranks. keep it up wenger!!!

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