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Chelsea To Strengthen Defence? No Need….

Now, finally we can say, Chelsea have a new manager, and its Andre Villas Boas, who returned to Stamford Bridge, but this time as a manager himself. So, we signed a manager, but not a new player. June is almost gone and Chelsea’s pre-season is likely to begin soon, but there are no new faces in the camp.

Chelsea fans are expecting new star players, as mathematically and sensibly, this is the last transfer window, in which Chelsea can spend big before the UEFA’s financial fairplay rules creep in. You ask any Chelsea fan; he or she will certainly say, that we need a winger or a quality playmaker. Upto this point, those suggestions are really acceptable, but it astonishes me, when they say that we need a defender!!

Last winter, we spent at least 75 million pounds for two players, and we got a classy defender in David Luiz. To me, Luiz is a solid center-half and I hail him the most, as a Chelsea defender, after John Terry, Marcel Desailly and Ricardo Carvalho. So we’ve got solution for a John Terry successor. The fans who claim that Chelsea need a new defender, mostly claim that we need a right-back. I feel its absolutely crazy. When you have Branislav Ivanovic, you need  a good right-back?

Branislav Ivanovic may not be that much adventurous like Maicon, Philipp Lahm or Sergio Ramos, but he is the ideal man we need in that position. Barcelona have been dangerous in the recent times, and we have seen they have exploite even Maicon or Sergio Ramos. But those two latter defenders dont possess some qualities, which Ivanovic does.

Ivanovic’s aerial prowess, his physical presence and battling nature are extraordinary and unmatched, and we have seen it in him in the Premier League. Also having a goal-scoring defender like him in a team is important, as he chips in with his share of goals as well.

But, if we do sign a new right-back i won’t be too dissapointed as long as we buy the right player. I think we can buy Gregory Van der Wiel from Ajax. He is young and a great talent, but I will only want Chelsea to buy him, if we sell Jose Bosingwa. Some reports which are actually rumours say that, Alex is mostly likely to leave Chelsea, for the arrival of David Luiz. I dont see it happening though.

Media reports are claiming that Chelsea are after Atletico Madrid defender, Diego Godin. From my point of view, I dont want this man. Rather I think, Chelsea should buy a German, Mats Julien Hummels of Brussia Dortmund and Benedikt Howedes of Schalke are good options.

The latest rumours say that Ashley Cole wants make a final move and wants to end up in Spain, with his girlfriend Cheryl Cole. Well, this rumour has always been circulated during previous transfer windows but it always ended with Ashley staying at Chelsea. I just dont know, if it will happen finally or not, but a soucre close to Ashley Cole said:

“Ashley has told friends he sees his future abroad and he wants to persuade Cheryl to come with him.

“It all boils down to what Cheryl wants, but the early signs are she would be up for the idea.”

Read more:

So if this happens, we will miss a star defender. But at the same time, I think Ryan Bertrand and Patrick Van Aanholt are ready to prove themselves as Chelsea’s future left-backs. Media reports also claim that Sergio Ramos can move too. If that happens,  I think Chelsea will certainly be indulging themselves in a player-swap deal, which may conclude Ashley Cole been swapped with Sergio Ramos. That means either of Ramos or Ivanovic will partner Terry in the center, and Luiz may move to left-back.

But still in the end, I will keep on admitting that we dont need a new defender, unless we sell one.

Submitted By: Prad Ghosh from Chelsea Fanatic



  1. Liam

    June 30, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    As a season ticket holder,i’m telling you we badly need a right back.Ivanovic is not even related to a right back and is an embarresment.He takes so long to get back in position after attacking,that we were wide open on the counter attack last season.

  2. Leon

    June 30, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    You’ve been playing too much Football Manager in my opinion! Although Ivanovic is a good defender, there is no doubt that his strongest position is at center back. I believe that we do need a new right back, but one with a great balance between attacking and defending. You cant argue that Ivanovic is a great defender, but has he got the pace to recover if he is caught in possession when on a run down the right wing? I don’t think so. There are only a few full backs in the world with the ability to do that against top class opposition, and i agree with the viewpoint that Van Der Wiel is one of those players. As for Hummels, he is a good player but its too early for him too be judged at premiership level after one good, albeit outstanding season for Dortmund, and Howedes is far better in FM then he will ever be in real life!

  3. Toby

    June 30, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    er… Ramos isn’t a centre-back he’s a right back mate. You even said so earlier in your article. If we got him why would he go into CB and Ivanovic in RB? Sorry mate but that kind of ruined the article for me. Other than that, I thought you talked sense.

  4. J-Moyo

    June 30, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    Are you serious? Sergio Ramos is a perfect right back, are you saying he can’t do what Ivanovic does, strength, hard worker, scoring??!! have you watched Ramos play recently? He is what we need!

  5. Blueboy

    June 30, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    Ivanovic needs to be replaced at as our RB if we want any hope of competing for major honors next year. He can’t attack and his defending is clumsy as well. Constantly caught in no-mans-land when playing fullback. Miracle that he was in the team of the year two seasons ago over the likes of Sagna and Johnson, who are both much better fullbacks

  6. Mexzy

    June 30, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    When yall talk abt iva like that i just wonder…best right back in the epl 4 2 seasons in row!

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