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SPURS: 4 Things That must Be Sorted Out ASAP

Focus being the key word right now as we are in a pivotal period for the club. We know what happened last season and what we didn’t achieve;  now is the time to focus on our future direction.

In order to do this, tough decisions will need to be made in the next few weeks.   The club is currently involved in many trying situations,  namely the ongoing Olympic Stadium issue along with Northumberland Park Development project, plus the Luka saga that, seemingly, will not go away even with the clear stance Daniel Levy has taken on it.  We are also in the midst of the summer transfer window, where little business has been concluded by us even though there has been much speculation in the press as always.

So where does our focus need to be? I believe these are the key areas our efforts should be concentrated on:

Focus 1

Decide what a suitable price for Luka Modric is, inform his suitors and give a clear deadline for a deal to be done. This then gives us the time to either replace him or know that he is in our plans for the forthcoming season.  I realise that the club issued statements that he is not for sale at any price but I believe that if enough pound notes are waved in our direction he will be sold.

Focus 2

Identify where we need to strengthen (yes, I am laughing whilst writing this!). Obvious I know, but since a lot of teams are making moves earlier in this window we need to spring into action or face the prospect of the top talent no longer being available. However both Harry Redknapp and Daniel Levy have said though ‘we need to sell before we can buy’, which leaves us in somewhat of a Catch 22 situation.  Perhaps the club needs to rethink their Modric stance and lower their fringe player prices?

Focus 3

Preseason friendlies are just about to start and Harry Redknapp won’t be with the team in South Africa due to his impending court appearance next week .  Whilst I don’t expect ‘Arry to be staying at Her Majesty’s pleasure , I am sure the club must have thought of every possible scenario and the ‘what if’ as the possible consequences are huge and preseason is the crucial time for plans and tactics to be made not ripped apart.

Focus 4

The Olympic Stadium issue and Northumberland Park Development project.  Levy is progressing with both and almost playing one off against the other now. This will continue for the foreseeable future as all avenues will be explored; one thing is for sure we need a larger capacity stadium.

With so much going on in the next month we need to be strong, have direction and get the business done so Spurs can have a great season and look to a fantastic future.

I am now just hoping that, our transfer business is done way before the last week in August, we sell off our ‘surplus to requirements’ players quickly enabling Luka to stay, and the NPD project gets the funding we are looking for to proceed. Obviously,  this is Tottenham we are talking about so everything will be prolonged and drawn out for as long as possible until the last minute. After all, we all love the roller coaster ride,  right?


Submitted by Rob from THFC1882




  1. Mark Munro

    July 14, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Positive and very good article. Sick of the tapping up and speculative articles and wish they could be sued and taken out of business.

  2. michael gordon

    July 14, 2011 at 10:07 am

    Modric should be sold – there is no point in keeping a player who is not going to give you 100% effort in the coming season – it is a fact of footballing life that a contract can not make a player play , it just ensures that the employer receives compensation when the man leaves .
    Spurs need pace and bite in midfield – we are constantly overpowered by “lesser” sides in the Premiership in that department – Sandro is a move in the right direction , but remember Harry only played him last season because of injuries to the established slackers, and then initially dropped him as soon as they showed up again . We need invention and energy up front – like N’Zogbia , a player who has done brilliantly at Wigan with, and despite of, a mediocre team behind him; Crouch is so awful that I am embarrassed everytime he puts a Spurs shirt on – even though , God bless him , he does actually try .

  3. spur1950

    July 14, 2011 at 10:58 am

    focus 1 dont have a fee and dont sell as Daniel LEVY said and stuff u part time idiots think players grow on trees
    simples where do you buy anyone at 40m for CHAVSKI,MCity,can outbid in both depts and anyone for that price u would have RMadrid as well chasing them easy anit it mate
    You said your last column “we need to be strong” a disagreement with yourself or wat?

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