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Blatter to decide again on goal line technology


By Rhys Barker.

So Sepp Blatter finally came out and apologised to England for the disallowed goal against Germany in the last 16 match which was played on Sunday. He has also apologised to Mexico for the obvious offside Carlos Tevez goal.

Mr. Blatter has always been stubborn in his decisions towards not introducing goal line technology but has again decided to address and discuss the matter in an upcoming meeting this Friday with the International Football Association Board. Hopefully this will be discussed very firmly between themselves and hopefully we will get the right answer from it.

England midfielder Frank Lampard’s shot was clearly shown over the line on Sunday against Germany which would of made the score 2-2 and many English fans believe that it would of been a different game. I feel that as much as I hate to say that Germany should of really been 3-0 up at the time, our organisation was poor and we were sluggish in all areas of the pitch. Germany were by far the better team and even if Lampard’s goal was allowed I feel they still would have opened us up and finished the game off in the second half, we have been fortunate to play teams that you wouldn’t class as world beaters in the group stage so they couldn’t capitalise on these weaknesses where as you had a sense that eventually if Germany didn’t then surely Argentina would.

Goal Line Technology should be involved, but I feel only on the goal line as bringing in too much technology could really slow down the flow of the game and there will be nothing for us to talk about! I was confused to see that in the UEFA Europa League we had goal line officials which was actually a test in place for the World Cup and to me that seems to have been a great idea, so why is this not at the World Cup.

It will be good to hear you views on this situation…

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