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5 Things We Learned From Arsenal’s 3-0 Win Over AC Milan

After Arsenal almost pulled off an amazing comeback against AC Milan with a 3-0 Champions League win on Tuesday, here are five things we learned from the game.

Guest post submitted by o-posts:

Pride restored. Momentum gained. The Arsenal are officially back. Let us look at some of the things we learnt from the epic night of a near miracle.

1. Not much between the two teams

The major difference here was, Arsenal were the better team on grass, while AC Milan were better on a ploughed field. Had the sides of the pitch not been re-laid at the San Siro, who knows what result we might have had. AC Milan didn’t turn up at the Emirates, not for the first half at least, and by the time they did show up the tie was hanging in the balance. Just like Arsenal didn’t show up in Italy 3 weeks back, and ultimately paid the price for it. Taking the whole 180 minutes into consideration, one has to say the two teams were closely matched and the difference was minimal.

Arsenal will take a lot of heart from this, especially as their energy and momentum initially rattled their Serie A counterparts. For all the stick we received for our performance in the first leg, we surely left the competition with our heads held high.

2. The OX is here to stay

After his performance on Tuesday, many were saying they had seen the closest thing to Wayne Rooney. Easy on that I say, too early to get the comparisons in. But, if he continues to play like this, Chamberlain must go to the Euros.

With the absence of all bar two central midfielders, Arsene Wenger decided to deploy the eighteen year old in the middle of the park and boy did he fit in well. Constantly bombing forward at every opportunity, retreating back when not in possession, here is a player mature beyond his years. This, despite being unwell with flu.

Whoever picks the England squad for Ukraine and Poland, would be foolish overlook a player with such versatility and directness. He looks raw, and exposure at the international stage will no doubt add to his growing stature.

With good crossing, movement and shooting, he could be make the difference for the three lions. Scary thing is, he is still learning. Suddenly the £12 million for a seventeen year old seems a bargain.

3. Arsenal are a united force

It was just two and a half weeks back, when there were reports of fallout within the dressing room. The media were screaming about wholesale changes in the summer, and how some older players must be shifted out as deadwood, after back to back non-performances at Milan and Sunderland.

Three games and three wins. Arsenal in crisis, eh? Nothing feels better than proving your critics wrong, and the Gunners are doing their talking on the pitch. Tuesday night must have felt devastating, but the players left with their heads held high.

Three performances, and with each you see a different side to this team who displayed grit, courage, passion, bravery, unity and pride to wear the shirt. As a fan, you can’t ask for more. It’s such a proud moment to be a Gooner.

4. A stronger bench could have won us the game

With virtually all our midfielders out injured, Arsene had no-one to call upon for the fatigued and ill Chamberlain. This not only resulted in AOC having to carry on despite not being 100%, but also helped Milan get back in the game. It was a crucial time in the game and Chamberlain’s knock was highly untimed. This is when the Italians took over the game, possession-wise.

An Arteta or a Ramsey off the bench would have been ideal, considering how delicately the match was poised. The injured players were a huge miss, and might have given us the edge.

To be honest, I did miss Arshavin’s presence off the bench. Having said that, Arsene did put out his best team, and they put in a shift that they would be proud of for their entire lives.

5. Zlatan is an enigma

The Swede had scored in each of his previous five Champions League games. What a contradiction he is. Absolutely world class on his day, he just goes AWOL sometimes. He was excellent in the first leg, creating, scoring, and torturing the makeshift Arsenal backline. But at the Emirates he was abysmal.

I’ve never seen him have such poor first touches as he did at the Grove. Kozzer and TV5 had him in their pockets. And then, you have the 14 minute hat-trick at the weekend, where he single-handedly demolished Palermo.

Oozing with talent, his attitude has often been questionable. Zlatan’s ego dwarfs even the €140m that has been spent on him by clubs to date.



  1. Steve of Chiang Mai

    March 8, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    Ibrahimovich expressed dismay at Arsene asking him to trial….after Tuesday night you can understand why a player who runs hot and cold like that would be asked to trial.

  2. Pranav

    March 8, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    And here we think theo walcott is inconsistent.Lets face it Ibra will always be an also ran,forgotten in the books of history.But arsenal will be there,and looks like so will rvp

  3. WC

    March 9, 2012 at 1:29 am

    Ibra has never performed well against English team in England. He’s a player who can’t hack it outside of his comfort zone. He joined Barca when they were the undisputed best team in the world and was asked to do more than he’s used to but he couldn’t and they sold him after one year when they bought him for 40M plus Eto’o one of the best strikers of the past half a decade. That shows that no matter how good he is, it wasn’t worth it to Wenger to deal with Ibra’s ego.

  4. Lambaku

    March 9, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    Following the desparaging remarks made against Arsenal by Ibra after the San Siro match he was forced to swallow his words at the Grove with shame. Pride is his major impendinent.

  5. Rambinator

    March 10, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    I don’t see what you are talking about – Milan was much better. I don’t see how a win against a complacent Milan puts Arsenal at Milan’s level. In fact second half Milan did what they needed to do and shut Arsenal down.

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