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Do Tottenham Need To Sign Any New Players?

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Written by Lauren Coupe.

The transfer window this summer has been very quiet on the Tottenham front.  The 21 year old Brazilian International midfielder Sandro was purchased towards the end of the 2009/2010 season, but since the campaign ended, so has Tottenham’s spending.

The question is, do Tottenham need to sign anyone?  Some fans aren’t too worried if they don’t as they feel they have a good set of players in the squad already, but Harry Redknapp claims that he thinks an extra 3 signings would do the trick, with at least one of these being a ‘star player’ to help bolster Tottenham’s title credentials next season which Harry sees as a realistic target.  A few star names have been linked to Tottenham over the summer, namely Joe Cole (opted to give up Champions League to join Liverpool), Diego Forlan, Fabiano and more recently Raul of Real Madrid.

Manchester City have spent big recently, and some feel as though Tottenham may be falling behind their rivals when it comes to buying star players.  But maybe not signing too many players can be a good thing? Remember, foreign players sometimes take a while to gel in a new team, which is something that may hold Manchester City back.  If Tottenham were to make minimal changes, this might not disrupt the team up too much and allow them to start the new season with the type of form they finished the last campaign with.

You get the feeling Tottenham are after someone with big Champions League experience and ambition, but the question is, do they need that someone?  Or can this current team step it up to the next level week in week out? They proved it last season.

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