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Oh boyyyyy…..

Arsene Wenger

Written by : armourysquare

When your were small, either your mom or dad must have told you this, ” Son, hurry up and finish your work and later you can go out and play. ” Now we were very fortunate that our parents told us these things. But unfortunately I don’t think Wenger’s parents ever told him this or, and it is a possibility, may be the guy just refused to listen…

He (apparently) bids for Hugo Lloris, the only guy who actually tried to do something for France in South Africa on the last day of the Transfer Window..can you believe this ***t?. I mean, ok, we did not get Schwarzer, but at least keep a back-up transfer target. Now lets be real, the only way Fulham were going to let Mark go was if they got Given. Now when you can see that there is only a week left for the window to close, and no reports say that Given is flying to London, then WHY CAN YOU NOT MAKE A DAMN BID FOR ANOTHER GOAL-KEEPER.

Now lets observe the results of this blunder from this perspective. Supposing Almunia gets the spark of his life and keeps like Joe Hart’s great gran-daddy, then no problem….but supposing he make’s silly mistakes and we lose out on points, then who the hell will we blame ?Ourselves for supporting a club like Arsenal, that stubborn guy who’s lone mission on earth is to rid Arsenal of its debts, his parents for not teaching him good habits, or the Spanish Raccoon. Out of the 2 above situations, we know what is more likely.. (and don’t say the latter isn’t.)

Now in no way have I said we wont win the title. That belief will never die out in me. But come on Mr.Wenger, this has got to be the biggest mistake of your life, even before signing the 2 Great Walls of Arsenal. In my opinion, its going 2 steps backward after so much promise. I am not swearing here because probably I am use to it, but seriously, are you just testing the patience of Gooners around the world or do you have fun in doing this to us…..knowing fully well that we are helpless. Personally hope its none of them and that you have a ‘perfect’ reason for not signing a keeper. But just in case it is one of them, please do me a favour and talk to Christopher Nolan to appear in Batman 3 as the Joker, it fits you completely. No Gooner can ever doubt what you have done for this club, but on transfer dead-line day I did predict millions of Gooners with their palms on their faces, and I was right…(unfortunately, even I was one of them..)

So what now ? Should we cry and make plans to detonate Wenger’s house. Of course not. Whats done is done, and we can’t change it. So, lets live with it.

Come on you Gunners, lets go for the Title…..

**Thanks to armourysquare for submitting this article. Please note that these are the views of the writer and not**

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