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Defeat Is Temporary, Giving Up Makes It Permanent

Written by : armourysquare

4 points from the league from a possible 12. But if you thought that Arsenal title hopes are over, think again. Our hopes for silver-ware this season is not over. And it will not be over any time soon.

Presently we sit 7 points adrift of League-leaders Chelsea. Indeed, the league season this time has started with its usual bag of surprises. “Fat Boys” Manchester City presently sit 2nd to the league leaders and ahead of their own kind in red. Just behind them are us, ever loyal and faithful to financial stability. Sadly tied with us are Spuds. They have also tried hard this season, and somehow have managed to crawl up to our level, even though they have not really faced a tough-team barring City. So we are 7 points adrift, but if you think that we are *****d and what that Spanish git Xavi said is going to come true.

“We’ve given up on the idea of him arriving now, but maybe he’ll come in January when Arsenal are out of the Premier League title race. Their team are just not competitive.”

You’re wrong. I believe that the title race will really go down to the wire this season. Partly because of the ‘Fat-kids’ in Manchester. If you think about it a bit, City last season by any means did not play badly. They came 5th and if they would have defeated Spurs, they would have been playing Champions League football this season.

Now coming back to Arsenal. We face Birmingham next-to-next week, and I expect all 3 points from that fixture. Then we travel to Richie-Rich’s mansion in Manchester. That personally is going to be a difficult fixture, but if we have Theo and Fabregas back (and they should be, by then [touch-wood !]), there is no reason why we cannot pick up all 3 points from there as well. After that we entertain West-Ham at the Emirates, and seeing their form, hopefully 3 points from there should not be too much of a  hassle.

Now being a bit of a pessimist, lets say we lose at City, then by November we should at least have 17 points on the league table. The only thing which is bothering me is whether the boss will send out a strong-side for Newcastle away in the Carling Cup, which is after we visit ‘Mancini and his Men’. The Cup’s first round saw Chelsea, Shitty, and Spuds all crash out, leaving th only ‘real’ tough-opponent as Manchester United left. Personally, I feel if we draw with Man-Utd we can beat them, but first we have to win at St. James Park. Now I know AW’s policy is to give the younger-gunners try-outs, but vs Newcastle (who I’m sure will put out a strong side ) I hope he changes his mind.

It is by November that the table starts to take its proper shape. It is at this time that clubs start setting their goals for the campaign. You know, a club like Spuds will target surviving relegation where as a club like Shitty will target top-4.

But not deviating from the point, by the beginning of this month hopefully, we should have RVP back. And then the real title-charge can start….

Now I know November is going to be a real tough month as we face Everton, Wolves and Villa (all away), but to be ”Champions” one has to over-come such difficulties. Upto today I have never doubted that my team have the calibre to win, but its up to them to prove me right..

Will they or will they not, that is the question……but till then, a request to all you Gooners out there – Never lose faith.

Cheers from the Armoury



  1. ScottyRSA

    October 8, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    Nice as positive for a change. Good to see I’m not the only one out there

  2. ScottyRSA

    October 8, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    O by the way RVP is back at trainging

  3. False 9

    October 8, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    Come on you gunners!
    We can do it.

    (just get rid of Almunia clichy sagna and replace them with better players)

  4. wenger mother

    October 8, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    if u think arsenal will win the tittle , u r in delusion , get real.

  5. Gurkhaligunner

    October 8, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    Voodoo dolls don’t work. I must have stuck 50,000 pins (it was a big doll – the kind that airport security would frown at) into a Didier Drogba look-alike, complete with ponytail, while the game was on and yet he scored. Five bucks down the drain – along with three points. Please don’t fall for that scam.
    The match itself was quite magnificent. Normally matches between the big four tend to be scrappy affairs where shins get kicked more often than the ball. (People think that’s a redundant term. It’s not. There is of course a big four. It’s just that no one knows what comprises it. Liverpool can cite the past, Spurs can holler for the present, City can claim the future and pundits/hacks have a nice term to hide behind)
    Anyway, this time Arsenal came to attack and Chelsea were certainly not going to hold back on their own turf. The result was a game of football that was a joy to watch despite the gutting result.
    The match started with Abou Diaby playing just behind Chamakh. That was very surprising. I didn’t think Wenger would play Diaby, let alone in such a crucial position. If it were me, Diaby would have started on the bench. In the park. Two kilometers away from Stamford Bridge. And he would have been asked to think long and hard about his performance against West Brom.
    Meanwhile, Nasri would have played behind the striker – able to create as well as score, rather than being forced to sneak in from the right while having on keep an eye on the sleazy, sorry, I meant slippery, Ashley Cole.
    Nonetheless, the opening exchanges were chockfull of action. Chamakh headed just wide from a Sagna cross to win Arsenal a corner. What happened next is stored in slow motion in my head. Nasri (I think) swung the ball in, Koscielny found himself unmarked three yards from goal and looked all set to score when someone (maybe Essien – the man just looks naughty) shouted
    “Dude, you’ve put on weight!” The Frenchman turned to reply, probably to say thanks, and the ball bounced off the back off his head and over the bar.
    Arshavin, still drifting in and out of consciousness on the pitch, then tried his luck with two snap shots that forced Cech to uncoil himself fully. The Gunners were giving as good as they got and it seemed like the two teams would go into half-time with honours even.
    Then came the heart-breaker. Cole managed to get to the byline and squared the ball into the centre. Squillaci, overcome by a sudden burst of love for Drogba, chose to hug the striker from behind instead of clearing the ball – and Arsenal’s nemesis had scored again. That was when the voodoo doll met a violent end as well.
    Some Gunners fans think it was a lucky goal but given the quality of the man in question (and he is a brilliant forward – one has to admit) I doubt it. Whatever the case may be, we were 1-0 down at the interval – probably undeservedly so, given the show we’d put on.
    It was more of the same in the second half. Quite incredibly, the pace of the game did not let up and both teams had great chances to score. Chamakh was played in by Nasri, but failed to act quickly enough and, keeping true to Arsenal’s vow of not scoring with headers against Chelsea, missed another free one later.
    There was still a kernel of hope that we might steal a point until Alex smashed it into tiny fragments. Nasri went colour blind for a second and passed to Anelka outside Arsenal’s penalty box, Koscielny stuck a lazy leg out and Alex stepped up to take the resultant free-kick.
    Now, I haven’t met Alex. If people told me he’s a perfectly nice guy who reads to the elderly, helps blind women cross the road and cooks nice meals for his wife, I would believe them. But the man clearly has anger management issues. No emotionally stable human being can hit the ball with the same ferocity. I almost felt sorry for the crocodile whose skin had been used to make the ball. And I hate crocodiles. Even the ones that wag their tails and lick your face.
    Anyway, the ball was in the net before Fabianski could even move. Half a second later, when he realised that a billion cameras were on him, he made a token dive just to prove he had tried.
    Ok, that’s a bit harsh. Fabianski was actually superb in this game. Other than an alarming fumble early on in the game – he kept out thunder strikes from Drogba, denied Anelka in a one on one positions twice and was decisive in coming out to grab the ball. He may still not have turned that much vaunted corner, but he’s certainly peeking out from behind it. A few more performances like this and he can bludgeon the demons that have haunted him for more than a season now.
    Overall, there was much to be proud about in the performance after the shambles that was the game against West Brom. This is the Arsenal side we need to see week in, week out through to May. If they can keep it up – there is no reason why they can’t be serious contenders for the title at the end of the season.
    It all seems a bit gloomy now, what with us being seven points behind the Blues, but my dusty box of clichés tells me that the Premier League is a marathon and not a sprint. And as my friends who run marathons will tell you, sometimes you have to take a quick toilet break in the middle of the race. That’s precisely what we’ve done right now. But we’ll be back – with a springier steps and lighter bladders.
    Chelsea will drop points, as will United. We have to ensure we drop less than them moving forward. Easier said than done, but that’s what the Premier League is all about. If this team, as Wenger claims, is ready to challenge for the title, we have to take on the Chelseas and the Uniteds, play like we did on Sunday and hopefully take our chances better than we did on that day.
    That’s enough talk for this week. We have a fantastic, football filled weekend to look forward to with no Premier League and a bunch of Euro qualifiers.
    Next week’s AGP is likely to be short, given the lack of on-field action through the week. A brief look at the Birmingham game should do the trick along with some ponderings on our major worries – namely the Squillaci-Koscielny pairing that seems to have gone off the boil in the last couple of games – and our major positives – namely the impending return of Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott and Nicolas Bendtner.
    That’s the good part of players being out with injuries. One can always look forward to their return.

  6. rickygunners

    October 8, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    Premier League is always about consistency. Losing to WBA at home is unexcusable for Wenger but hope is the last time their lose at home this season. The Board is happy as long as Arsenal qualify for CL (money, and more money coming in) and winning trophies is secondary. Wenger had mentioned that there will be no big signing for 20 years is de-moralising to all of us and this shows that they have no ambition to challenge for trophies despite all the glittering promises.

    The huge wage bill could be in Wenger’s pocket and Gazidis bank account. This is total bull shit to me.

  7. Damilare

    October 8, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    Thank God am not only one on this side. I really believe in the young gunner n i think losing at this stage should call 4 more determinatn from both coach n players even the medical crew looking at how our player get injure. And so far this there is no diff btwn barca and us we both lose to relegated team. we are even better than them in the CL. I really hope TW wil be match fit against man city may be as 2nd half sub. And how authentic is the info about RVP any link. Gooners 4 life.

  8. Damilare

    October 8, 2010 at 4:09 pm


  9. wengermustgocampaigner

    October 8, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Wishful thinking! As long as stubborn ole Wenger is in charge – we will not see silverware again. Wenger used to be good. Not anymore. He has lost the plot. His priority is to suck up to the Board – not to win anything. He has a loser mentality. He reckons the fans ought to be happy just being on the periphery of success. He is happy with “also ran” credits. Whats the excuse for losing to WBA and taking just 1 point off Sunderland? Same old same old. We have been hearing the excuses for 6 seasons now. He has some shit internationals that nobody else wants. Save for Fabregas – who do we really have? The Diabys, Sagnas, Djourous etc … I challenge Wenger to put them on the market and see if he can get anything more than peanuts for them. And he keeps kidding us that he still believes in them. Absolute codswallop!

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