Gareth Bale tipped by his manager to play even better

By on November 2, 2010

Written by Viorel Mesca.

Spurs wonderkid Gareth Bale has the world as his feet, thanks to the marvelous second-half hat-trick against Inter a fortnight ago. His manager, Harry Redknapp trusts Bale to get even better. According to, the manager said the following:

“He’s still really young and can only get better. He’s got height, power, can run all day, shoot and dribble. He’s a great athlete; it’s all there for him.”

Redknapp is not worried about any potential complacency issue and insists that the Welshman will not lose his head:

“He keeps his feet on the ground himself. He’s such a quiet level-headed boy. He’s not at all flashy. I gave him a couple of days off this week because I thought he needed a rest.”

What do Spurs fans think, how good can Bale be? Please leave your comments below….


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