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Redknapp Threatens Impossible Task

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Three posts in one day is a little extreme for which I apologise but I couldn’t let this one go. After Harry’s comments on Saturday regarding referee Mark Clattenburg it looks like he’s in trouble with the FA. Reports are the bigwigs at the football association could charge Redknapp with misconduct sometime tomorrow. Redknapp’s answer to the possibility? Go to war with them, and I love it.

Redknapp was quoted as saying Clattenburg’s decision was scandalous and that if the referee talked about it he would take his time and “‘come up with a story that will make it all look right”. He even suggested if the decision would’ve been the same had it been at the other end. Now, this I don’t agree with. No-one should ever question a referee’s integrity, especially one that hasn’t long been back after being suspended for having over £40,000 worth of gambling debts. 😉 It just doesn’t sit right with me. Everyone makes mistakes and referee’s are only human but that being said 99% of humans will bow to pressure from 70,000 people won’t they?

So, Mr Redknapp has questioned a referee’s integrity and claimed the decision was a poor one. Conveniently the decision and his comments deflected people’s views on the performance of the team and his tactics which when looked at in the cold light of day weren’t good. At the thought of the FA possibly punishing him for his comments Redknapp has had this to say:

“If they want to make an issue of what I said then I’ll make some issues as well – don’t worry. Don’t expect me to come out on the TV anymore – ever – and speak to the press after a game. Otherwise, what chance have we got? If you want me just to come and talk rubbish and say, ‘No, it was a good decision, I’m quite happy with it’, then don’t bother to get me to come out after a game.”

He added: “We shouldn’t be dragged out onto TV two, three, four minutes after a game. I don’t want to go on TV; I’d much rather stay in the dressing room with the players. “But when I’m asked a question, I give a truthful answer. He made a right mess of it all, and that was my answer. And I stand by that 100 per cent.”

It’s great. I’m by far his biggest fan because he runs his mouth at every opportunity, whether it be on TV or in his Sun column. Many times at the detriment of Spurs as a club, the players and fans. It wasn’t that long ago he finished Darren Bent’s Spurs career with his “sandra” comments. Like Bent or not, that was not the correct thing to say in a public forum. He’s also called Spurs fans racist, homophobic thugs in the past. Yes, that’s right. He’s called you and me that.

He speaks his mind and is a passionate man. I can relate to that but there’s a time and a place and straight after games haven’t seen some of Harry’s best moments. So could this be a good thing? Why not do it? Ferguson does it all the time and gets away with it. Sure this season he’s (the club) been getting fined each game for not speaking to the BBC but does he care? No. Wouldn’t it be better if Redknapp was with the players after the game to go through everything? I’d prefer that. I don’t need to see him when Sky come back from an advert. It’s not important to me.

So I say go for it Harry. You’ll stop putting your foot in it quite as often, can spend more time with the players which is what you’re paid to do, we’ll have our very own Alex Ferguson and we’ll be anti-establishment. For those that worry about the FA appointing Redknapp in 18 months time, keep your fingers crossed because if he’s true to his word it’ll probably be the final black mark against his name with the men in charge.

The thing is does anyone actually believe he’d be able to not talk? Nah, nor me. If the FA know anything about football they’ll call his bluff and they’ll win, but it’s a nice idea.


PS. Give up that awful column you write in The Sun too while you’re at it.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Roy Singh

    November 2, 2010 at 10:19 am

    It’s time we all stand up & oppose some of the ref’s decisions. It’s apparent that ref’s rely very heavily on the notion that “their verdict is final” . There are instances were Spurs themselves were the beneficiaries of their incorrect decisions & so too were other clubs.Do we sit back & accept ? Will it not improve the standard of refereeing if their errors are not opposed/highlighted.

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