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Fabianski is not the reason for our defensive frailties


I just can’t stand how some soccer pundits have the audacity to constantly berate Arsenal for still persisting with Fabianski in goal. In his latest article for Eurosport,  ex Manchester United player Paul  Parker seems to suggest that our defensive frailties stems from our Polish goalkeeper.  Parker said, “any defense will struggle if they are not confident with the goalkeeper’s decision making.  In another show, Jason McAteer blamed Arsene for not going out to and splashing the cash for a big time goalkeeper.

I have categorically stated in my previous posts that I am not a big fan of Fabianski. However I believe, he is not the one to blame for the current state we are in. In fact, if not for his performances, we would have lost a whole host of other matches. No doubt he has had his calamitous past, but bar the Andy Carroll goal at the Emirates, I don’t think he has made another major blunder since he replaced Almunia as the new No 1.

For the pundits to go on and on about Fabianski is costing us points is not fair to the goalkeeper. I don’t see anyone putting the blame on Petr Cech for his performances this season when Chelsea is not doing well. Cech is undoubtedly a great keeper but his blunders this season has cost Chelsea points, with his most recent blunder coming at the weekend against Newcastle.

In fact, all the goalkeepers we have been linked to have cost their teams more points than Fabianski has for Arsenal. Remember Reina’s blunder in the opening game, or Mark Schwarzer  and Robert Green’s blunders in the early part of the season. Every goalkeeper is almost certain to make a mistake in any given season so we should not keep harping on Fabianski when he has done so well up to now.

Our defensive problems have been well documented and to put Fabianski as the scapegoat is totally unfair to him. The three centrebacks we have available at the moment still needs time to gel and especially for Squillaci and Koscielny, more time to get used to the league. It is just unfortunate that we are missing Vermaelen for so long. No doubt he would have made a difference in our defensive stance. In the meantime, we need to defend as a team so that even if one defender makes a mistake someone else is there for cover.

So a message to the pundits, get off our goalkeeper’s back!

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid

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