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Ashley Cole’s Warning for Arsenal!

ashley cole

Ashley Cole spoke about the game against Arsenal on Monday and he was warning Arsenal for a fit Chelsea!

“We’ve been disappointing in our last six games and it’s a big contrast to how we started the season, but we have a lot of big players back to fitness and it’s going to give us a boost.
Any team who has their top players out is going to be affected. The players who have come in have done a good job but you’re always going to miss JT, Lamps and Essien. We seem to play better when they are all in the team, hopefully we can start to push on.

They’re major players for us and we have missed their personalities, desire, will to win and leadership. We have been unlucky in games, even though we haven’t been playing well. We have still had a lot of shots and chances.

It has not gone our way but, now the big guys are back, hopefully we can turn our season around because it is getting to the important part. We’re fourth in the table, we have to get back on track and start winning again.”

We all know we missed players that are the captains of the team Lamps and JT. These players are vital for Chelsea because they encourage Chelsea to play harder and not give up! We had 2 weeks to practice and we’re expected to be a fit strong Chelsea! How do you think Chelsea will play tomorrow, strong or weak? We are all hoping Chelsea forgets their rough time recently and get back on track. I hope Chelsea wins and good luck to both teams!

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  2. christian

    December 26, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    I pray for arsenal and i know we are going to play our best on monday with chelsea because God is on our side and also, we will win the match because we are gunners of north london. yesss’.

    • gunner.

      December 26, 2010 at 11:39 pm

      As an Arsenal fan for live, your comment makes me cringe. God is on our side? what rubbish is that. We will not win the match because we are gunners of north london. That isn’t even a reason.

      It will be a close match and if Arsenal are able to pull through and win it will be dependant or whether or not our players “Show” for the match. Consistency seems to be robbed from a few of our regular starters for the price of occasional magic. It’s impossible to call this game.

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