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Time For Chelsea To Strengthen Their Squad

chelsea celebrating trophy

This has been a hard time for Chelsea and for Chelsea fans. We have lost all our confidence over the weeks and lost points like we didn’t care. It was hard for all Chelsea fans but we did not give up and supported Chelsea through their rough time of losses. I was happy that Chelsea regained their confidence again Bolton but when they played against Aston Villa there was no confidence whatsoever in the first half. Aston Villa were pressuring Chelsea and we did not produce anything in this half.

Right now the way Chelsea are playing they are “waking up” in the last 20 minutes of the second half and thats not good enough. As you all remember the Chelsea we know used to score goals in the first 10 minutes dominating the game. All I’m thinking about is if Roman doesn’t splash his cash on new players then we are not going to see the EPL in our hands and maybe not even be in the top 3.

Our bench, and it is really hard to say this, but our bench is disgusting. Chelsea’s players can not handle 90 minutes now and we really need replacements and players younger than 28 just to have some new blood in Chelsea. Look at Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Tottenham. They have replacements and a good bench and look at which places they are now.

When Chelsea are 5th and I am thinking if they play like this NO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE NEXT SEASON. Now Chelsea has to think about being in the top four and qualify for the Champions League before thinking of winning the title. OK we do have youngsters but right now they are not experienced to hold the team. I always think we need Edin Dzeko, Pato, or any youngster that we can rely on. Drogba is good and everything but hasn’t been the same since the malaria scare. We need a player that can score goals goals and MORE GOALS! Anelka was good last season and OK he is our top scorer but he is not reliable. I am hoping we can get players that are a ‘landmark signing” and we really need that. Right now I am starting to forget how Chelsea were winning all their games and it is fading.

I want to ask you people what players do you think we need for this transfer window to get Chelsea back to winning ways? Also is there any tactical change or any formation Carlo has to use to regain Chelsea’s confidence?

Submitted by Chelsea Fanatic

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