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Time For Chelsea To Strengthen Their Squad

chelsea celebrating trophy

This has been a hard time for Chelsea and for Chelsea fans. We have lost all our confidence over the weeks and lost points like we didn’t care. It was hard for all Chelsea fans but we did not give up and supported Chelsea through their rough time of losses. I was happy that Chelsea regained their confidence again Bolton but when they played against Aston Villa there was no confidence whatsoever in the first half. Aston Villa were pressuring Chelsea and we did not produce anything in this half.

Right now the way Chelsea are playing they are “waking up” in the last 20 minutes of the second half and thats not good enough. As you all remember the Chelsea we know used to score goals in the first 10 minutes dominating the game. All I’m thinking about is if Roman doesn’t splash his cash on new players then we are not going to see the EPL in our hands and maybe not even be in the top 3.

Our bench, and it is really hard to say this, but our bench is disgusting. Chelsea’s players can not handle 90 minutes now and we really need replacements and players younger than 28 just to have some new blood in Chelsea. Look at Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Tottenham. They have replacements and a good bench and look at which places they are now.

When Chelsea are 5th and I am thinking if they play like this NO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE NEXT SEASON. Now Chelsea has to think about being in the top four and qualify for the Champions League before thinking of winning the title. OK we do have youngsters but right now they are not experienced to hold the team. I always think we need Edin Dzeko, Pato, or any youngster that we can rely on. Drogba is good and everything but hasn’t been the same since the malaria scare. We need a player that can score goals goals and MORE GOALS! Anelka was good last season and OK he is our top scorer but he is not reliable. I am hoping we can get players that are a ‘landmark signing” and we really need that. Right now I am starting to forget how Chelsea were winning all their games and it is fading.

I want to ask you people what players do you think we need for this transfer window to get Chelsea back to winning ways? Also is there any tactical change or any formation Carlo has to use to regain Chelsea’s confidence?

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  1. Dan

    January 5, 2011 at 10:00 am

    I totally agree. It annoys me when I see us get thrased at home to Sunderland and then not be absolutely hell bent on winning the next game. The motivation and belief has gone from our ‘main players’ and there is absolutely no one to come replace them till they find form. 3 or 4 players are carrying the team at present. Terry, Cole, Ramires and Ivanovic/Malouda (at times). now I’m not Ramires biggest fan but credit where credit is due, these guys at least appear like they really want to win. I hate to see our strikers waling about not getting involved when we are losing games, Rooney Tevez would never do that.

    The press keep saying Chelsea’s defensive problems and we need a defender, the fact of the matter is we don’t. bosingwa has to start right back for me and Ivanovic is a more than capable centre back, infact he is brilliant. Alex is first choice for me when he is back and with Ferriera (A half decent replacement sometimes) and Bruma who despite Heskey’s goal I thought was fantastic against Villa, we have centre back and right back are covered.

    What Chelsea needs is a flair midfield player OR a quality holding midfielder depending where he weants to play Essien. If Essien is holding lets buy Kaka, midfield three of Essien, Lampard, Kaka but if he wants to play Essien up one then lets buy De Rossi, class proven holding midfielder would be willing to come would be great in the EPL. Thats not even our main worry it’s strikers that worry me. Drogba is world class and any team in the world he would starting, fact! BUT when he isn’t playing (literally and physically pulling his weight) we can’t score and it is a waste of a position, having said that he starts for me every minute of the day. Flo, quality, haven’t got a problem with him at all, has proven himself to the Chelsea fans and I can’t understand why Carlo kept taking him off, anyway he is a starter. It’s Anelkas position that is up for grabs for me. Anelka is a great footballer and plays well but not enough! What we need is a player who can play in any of the front three position and should be a starter there is absolutely no competition for places upfront and I will not enter into a Kalou/Sturridge conversation as they aren’t of the same class and will never be more than subs for Chelsea in my eyes. someone like Neymar would be the flair that we miss from Joe Cole, the pace we miss from Robben and could score the goals to help chip in with Drogba. young enough to not expect to start every week but would be a massive boost if he was to come on, a game changer.

    Chelsea don’t need a defender we are 2 World Class players away from being better than we have ever been. BUY RIGHT CARLO, no more benayouns or Zhirkovs we need Kaka’s/Agueros/Pato. These players need to be a midfielder and striker and when that’s all tied up, lets get a proper assistant manager again, the recent appointment in my opinion is nothing more than a temporary measure and is obviously having some impact on our form. Carlo is starting to look a bit lost up there on the line himself.

    If none of this happens then Ron Gourlay should sack himself and Roman should question his passion again, I for one am not questioning him yet, he has been a great owner and Chelsea Fans owe him a lot but it’s time for some investment again.

  2. Timlos

    January 5, 2011 at 10:18 am

    Has it come to this, we are not even mentioned in transfer speculations anymore. No more Chelsea is buying this embryo or that Ronaldinho+Shearer cross breed. The talks from Ancelloti sounds so hollow, what’s the point of saying you’re looking at this player or that when everyone knows you cannot determine or even influence who is bought. Its so irritating, its sickening. I bet ancelloti is just posturing and marking time waiting for when he’ll be sacked and collect his own dues as every other person has. He says he is lucky, I beg to disagree, its simply that Abrahamovic has shot himself so many times in the foot he doesn’t have a foot to shoot at anymore. May I ask what anyone could think is his plan B, doubt if he has any right now and I’m sure he’s thinking if the sack of Wilkins can do this to the club what will happen if he sacks Ancelloti. Anyway, Abrahamovic, its your money and you can do goddot with it. Don’t worry, be happy.

  3. theo, greece

    January 5, 2011 at 10:34 am

    chelsea need to strengthen and the reason is the bench. youngsters are not ready yet (though kakuta , bruma and mceachran are there to stay in the game), so carlo and roman should buy and show that they mean business this time. we definatelly need a backup keeper, cech is palying alone all these years and that’s not a good way to keep his form. he needs someone to compete with, so he can reach the top form of 2004-05 again. we (under the right circumstances) need a central defender, because we have only terry and alex. sure ivanovic can play there, but he’s better as a right back and bruma lacks experience. we sure need a midfielder. wether he’s a holding one or an attacking one, depends on essien and where carlo wants him to play. i would go for a more attacking one, as a replacement for lamps. and definatelly we need a striker. not a second forwrard, not an attacking winger, but a striker who plays in the area and scores. so my choises would be : gk: akinfeev, adler, neuer, de gea. def: david luiz, kjaer, subotic, cahill. att. midf: pastore, pjanic, hamsik, hazard. str: lukaku, abel hernandez, pazzini, llorente. KTBFFH

  4. jinen

    January 5, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    chelsea need many new players n need another exodus invloving anelka, benayoun, hilario, ferreira, ramires.
    we need-:
    A gk 4 sub som1 like sergio asenjo or de gea a centre bak 4 sub like cahill or luiz a left bak sub 2 replace ferreira som1 like coentrao n a rite bak mayb santon.
    midfield needs kaka 4 sure n pastore n kroos n a cm banega n finally a striker like pato or torres or even aguerro n the formation shud switchd bak 2 the diamond wich was d best the perfect lineup wud be -:
    GK – CECH
    def – bosingwa terry alex cole
    mid – essein lampard kaka malouda
    str – drogba torres/pato

  5. Yakubu

    January 5, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    We need to replace paulo ferreria. He seems to be the weak link in our defence anytime we play. We really have a great squad but with the amount of injuries we only have youngsters on the bench to change things. Anelka alos need to learn to be a striker rather than a midfielder. He is a great players but goes too far looking for the ball. Kalou is better off as a sub than a starter. Malouda needs to pick up his game because he is beginning to loose focus. All in all i belive with an attacking midfielder like Kaka, a striker like Pato or Rossi, and a defender like Cahill on the bench, Chelsea will retain their title. It is not to late but Chelsea need to win 90% of their remaining games to stand a chance. Finally Ancelloti has to learns to make substitutions early wehn things are not going our way.

  6. Dan McEachran

    January 5, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    I’m nt jose mourinho bt u dnt need 2 b 2 c dat d current formatn is nt working.cech–bane,jt,cole,bos–mikel,essien-lamps,josh,malouda-drogba.let’s stp thrwing names ,d only player carlo is going 2 buy is cahill

  7. sobban abbas

    January 9, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    i totally agree that Chelsea should buy players. we need a central defender like kolo toure or like younis kabol. we need 2 midfielder and i recommend swienstiger and dejong are complete players and can fit in the team. we need only 1 striker and carlos tevez it should be.

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