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Emirates Atmosphere…Who Put The Crowd On Mute?!

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Well someone had to say it and I just could not control myself anymore. We really played well against Wigan on Saturday and we deserved all 3 points. But did you see anybody in the stadium?

I mean where the hell was the crowd?? Where? Whenever we got the ball for an attack or even defended well I never heard anything from the crowd. Now I saw the same match against Leeds at Elland road, and that my friend was a crowd. I literally had to keep the volume on 1! Here’s what Simon Grayson said about the crowd at Elland Road:

“The atmosphere was unbelievable and the national media who were there understand what we are all about if they didn’t know already.

“You could feel the buzz at 5.30pm and I’m very proud of what the supporters have done for the football club.”

Now it’s not that the crowd at the Emirates is bad in anyway, but they pay exuberant prices for tickets, and yet they don’t make most of it. Why? All I heard was the occasional clapping, and ohhhh’s when someone screwed up.

Your team plays some of the best football in the world, so get behind them and run the opposing team’s morale down. The crowds purpose is not to sit and watch a match in the stadium. Their purpose is to cheer when we play well, and boo when the opposition gets the ball. And do it LOUDLY! They say that we model our game according to Barcelona. Well, why don’ t we model our crowd according to them also. I mean seriously, have you seen the atmosphere in the Nou Camp? That my friend is a stadium and a crowd. If Barca attack they cheer, and if their opposition gets the ball they boo so badly that it will make you wish you were never there. You won’t even feel like playing.

Its like even if the crowd was not there at the Emirates, it would not have made much difference. And its even more shocking to note that when we DON’T play well, the crowd seem to be on the players backs. Suddenly they find their damn voices! Eboue was booed off at the Emirates, and even Arshavin got the rough treatment when we faced Leeds. They even stared leaving the stadium when United were beating us 3-1 in the Champions League.

Come on people! You have the privilege to go to one of the best stadiums in the world, so make the best of it. Put yourself in the positions of the players. Wouldn’t you like it if the crowd got behind your every move, and cheered you for everything? You also have responsibilities so the when we face Ipswich please show it.



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