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By Fab4.

Arsene Wenger has announced that he tried ‘very, very hard’ to sign a new player on deadline day. But he refused to name the player or even confirm the position he was trying to strengthen:

“We did [try to sign someone], yes,” he said. “I do not like to lie and I do not like to put any player in a difficult position at the club where he is at the moment, so I’ll say nothing about it.”

When asked if it was a striker he replied: “I leave you the freedom to guess.”

I think it’s safe to say it would have been a striker. But i must admit i am curious as to who the lucky player was that Wenger felt was better than Bendtner or Eduardo. But i can’t decide if i wanted to hear this from Le Boss. I suppose on one hand it’s reassuring to know that he isn’t as mad as some Arsenal fans claim, and he saw the need to strengthen. But it’s frustrating to know we were close to buying someone. We don’t know what prevented the transfer from going through, but it’s safe to assume the major stumbling block would have been either failure to agree a fee or lack of time to complete the deal. Which makes the situation even more frustrating, stop being so tight and up the offer or start negotiations earlier!

Of course the player may have decided against the move, the selling club may have been asking silly money or the player may have been asking for silly wages, in which case it was out of Arsene’s hands – thanks for trying. But my guess is we tried to be too clever and hold out for the best deal possible, like we did with Alonso and yet again we miss out.

This statement shows that Arsene wanted a fresh face and he doesn’t feel we are as strong as we should be. So with money available and a set deadline to work to, it has to come down to poor management once again. We should have ensured we left enough time that if target No.1 didn’t go through we could go for target No.2. No excuses. Everyone knows Arsenal needed a striker, so it’s down to Arsene and Ivan to make it happen.

Who knows, a new striker could have turned those draws against Everton and Villa into victories, another 4 points, only 2 behind Chelsea and right in the mix for the Premier League title. But we will never know.

One thing i do know is that if we end this season trophy-less once again, the failure to bring in new blood in January may come back to haunt Arsene big-time.

Oh well, we have to move on. There is a small matter of a London derby against title rivals Chelsea to worry about!

Match preview tomorrow.

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