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By Fab4.

Steven Gerrard should be ashamed of himself tonight. So should referee Howard Webb. The two (at least) despicable dives Gerrard produced against Arsenal tonight were two of the most blatant attempts of conning the officials you will see.

Not surprisingly he got away with both, the ref bottled it and failed to book him on either occasion and the sky ‘experts’ also failed to highlight the obvious. Andy Gray describing Gerrards first dive as ‘bumping into’ an Arsenal player! Yeah right!

If you didn’t see the game. The first dive came when Gerrard took a heavy touch in the Arsenal box, with the ball running away from him he jumped in the air and into the back of Diaby, fell to the ground and IMMEDIATELY turned with his arms in the air, shouting to the ref and claimed for a penalty.

The second was in the final minute when again he was trying to get on the end of a loose ball, Gerrard dove while nobody was near him, arms flying in the air once again. Not surprisingly the referee, standing 5 yards away, gave nothing.

It’s despicable. After everything Eduardo and Arsenal had to go through after the whole Eduardo affair, to see this type of thing go unpunished in hard to swallow. Gerrard has a reputation among fans for diving, we have all seen the youtube videos! But the English loving media will never pull him up for it in the same way they did for Eduardo.

Two blatant attempts to deceive the referee, both punishable by a yellow card. Gerrard should have been sent off.

Anyway. Great night for the Gunners, full report tomorrow!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jack Henry

    February 10, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    Exactly what I was thinking! It’s amazing how the comentators don’t say anything when gerrard dives about. He is a disgrace, always does it and never gets
    done. Not 1 paper will mention it.

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