[VIDEO] Disgraceful Gattuso Head-butt Sours Spurs Superb Night

By on February 16, 2011

Graeme Souness summed it up perfectly when he called Gennaro Gattuso a “dog” who past his best quite a time ago. He said this immediately after the Italian defensive midfielder had head butted Tottenham’s assistant coach Joe Jordan, and subsequently began a scrap between half the coaching staff, the Spurs bench and some Milan players. It was such a poor show of sportsmanship and sets a terrible example to young footballers watching with enthusiasm as the disgusting behaviour from the 33 year-old unfolded as it did from the first whistle.

Tottenham played fantastically, from a solid, committed defence, a hard working, creative midfield and a brilliant work ethic and astounding patience from the lone striker up front, Peter Crouch. He, and Tottenham got their just reward in the end, with a brilliant counter attack in which Aaron Lennon showcased his blistering pace to twist and turn around the last man to set Crouch up for a simple tap in.

Crouch was unbelievably patient and restrained all night, and not just because of some poor service. Yes, Gattuso was always there, nipping at his heels, complaining to the referee about innocuous challenges, and elbowing Crouch in the chin whenever he could jump high enough.

It was immensely irritating to watch from the side of Spurs, and the general bad gamesmanship from AC Milan was highlighted when Corluka was victim of a vicious two footed, off the ground challenge. Rather than looking concerned about the writhing defender – who was obviously in quite a lot of pain, they complained, with Gattuso and Robinho at the forefront of the crowd, as some tried to usher Corluka and the attending medical staff on the pitch treating him.

This was added to once Gattuso got closer to someone else with a pulse who he could start a fight with. This time it was Joe Jordan, and as the Spus coach shouted fom the touchline, Gattuso bumbled over, words were said, and the Italian pushed him in the neck. It was quite amazing that Jordan didn’t retaliate.

We all know how passionate the player is, but he purposely gets himsef in needless scraps and confrontations just for the sake of it. Or perhaps he enjoys it, playing up to the crowd, knowing he has them on side, whilst getting himself into trouble.

He will miss the return leg at White Hart Lane to my relief, as he picked up a deserved yellow card after a typical strong challenge from behind. In truth he was lucky to get away with only a yellow throughout the game. Tottenham however were the well deserved winners and hold an impressive advantage over Milan even without Gareth Bale bursting down the left wing. Spurs could be heading for the quarters and beyond if they continue to show the hard working, resilient, strong minded and quality performances like this one.

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  1. James

    February 16, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    That is the perfect summary. Milan were petulant from the word go whereas Spurs tried to play football despite the constant stoppages and generally sour atmosphere. I think Flamini should have seen red for his two-footed lunge, as should Gattuso for several offences.

    AC Milan are meant to be an old dignified club that commands respect and holds a certain footballing tradition.
    I believe most neutrals would have quickly been cheering for Tottenham after witnessing their opponent’s poor attitude and lack of ambition at their own ground. The result was a victory for fairplay.

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    February 17, 2011 at 7:19 am


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