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Nani: The Best is Yet to Come

Nani - Uniteds Danger Man

There is no doubting that Nani is a very talented player and has made a huge contribution to Manchester United this year. He has scored some important goals and pitched in with plenty of assists too.

Although I have always rated him he is definitely the most frustrating player on the team in my opinion. He will skin his man with ease, sometimes twice, and balloon the cross. Or play a nice one two, and shoot into the stands. I honestly find him one of the most annoying players to watch but at the same time one of the most exciting. How hard is it really just to put the ball in the danger area and hope one of the strikers get there?

What annoys me more is that I will sometimes think he has had a terrible game and then he will score and everyone will say he played well especially Jamie Redknapp (but who cares what he thinks!). However I think the problem could be mine and not his. I think, actually I know, I am just too harsh on the lad and always have been and now I have come to realise why too.

Its Ronaldo’s fault! Ever since Nani came to the club I have compared him to Ronaldo. Ronaldo is an exceptional player, 2nd best in the world to Messi at the moment, and every time Nani touches the ball I expect him to do what Ronaldo did.

They both have a similar footballing background but one blossomed much quicker than the other did and happens to be much better than him too. Maybe I should learn to be more patient with Nani, only groan at him every second or third time he makes a mistake. As I said he is a very talented player and definitely the best player at Man United at making a fool out of defenders, and has been probably the most important player this year in terms of assists, goals and build up play this season.

But I just think he can do so much more and his best is yet to come. Long may his good form continue liked he showed against Man City but he needs to stop being wasteful and be more like Ronaldo!

What does anybody else think about this matter? Am I alone in thinking he is the most frustrating player at the club?

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  1. Levit Lusak

    February 17, 2011 at 10:58 am

    Nani is a frustrating player at times but when you watch him carefuly he ends up scoring important goals 4 the team. He is an experienced player if he is not compared to ronaldo.

  2. MS

    February 17, 2011 at 11:53 am

    Nani’s close control is better than Ronaldo’s. When he is running with the ball he seldom lets it get away from him. I don’t think he does too bad at getting the ball into the box, and the proof is he has more assists than anybody else, and that must be because out of the balls he does get in our strikers manage to hit the target rather than mess up like they normally do. I have seen Nani put great ball in to Berbatov and Rooney when it was easier for them to score than miss. Nani would have so many more assists if our strikers were more potent. Sorry but that is the truth. Nani got Portugal to the world cup, when Ronaldo was ineffective in most games. Think of the United games when Nani was missing with injury, the team were hopelessly ineffective. Viva Nani!

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  4. afeez

    February 17, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    U have to be honest, Nani is a very good player. He punishes opposition’s defence and indeed has been the one who brought us those important goals that earn us our present position this season, either scoring or assisting goals.

  5. Osi

    February 17, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    Im an Arsenal fan and I don’t follow United games regularly, however, from what I have seen Nani has both talents and efficiency and changed many united games including the one against Arsenal. Last time I saw him he had a very exciting goal and even more exciting assist. As a biased Arsenal fan I will claim that He is the only player who can get into our starting lineup regularly along with Evra. In fact, If I was Wenger I would bring him in in the summer for whatever cost. The guy’s crossing is sublime, dribbling quick and effective and shooting sharp.

  6. Nageeb

    February 17, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    i agree with most comments. nani is indeed a telanted player, he needs to improve his decision making. i also agree that our strikers are poor, especially with roony’s poor form, this year and are often unable to convert nani (not so frequeent) crosses. well, again, the whole team is not performing this season, not only nani and the striking departmnet. i find it difficult to understand that the entire team (rio/vidic/gigs/v d sar exceptions) is below par this year. could it be the coaching team!!! LIKELY!!!

  7. Assad

    February 18, 2011 at 12:22 am

    I wouldn’t say he’s being wasteful :S, he doesn’t need to be like Ronaldo there’s no logic sense. Nani has just begun his era and he’s been the best winger in the Premier League! Now he will be the biggest threat in the Champions League, and will become the word’s best winger!!

  8. DB

    February 18, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Nageeb – how can you question the Utd coaching staff? It is the best team of coaches in the world (except for maybe Barcelona). We are top of the league and well placed in Europe and the FA Cup. Rooney is having a poor season (apart from THAT goal!), Berba is having his best season for us to date and is the Premierships top scorer. Hernandez looks deadly whenever he plays. Do you really think Nani would have improved as much as he has unless there were top coaches at the club??? If you are a true Utd fan which I honestly doubt, get behind the team, don’t criticise the club at every opportunity

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