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As an Arsenal fan beating Barcelona was half a job done but a highlight of the season so far. When getting the upper hand on the acclaimed best club in the world bragging rights are compulsory. Yet the biggest winner was not Arsenal it was football as a whole. Open, attacking football that would have Rinus Michel Cruyff turning in his sleep. Of the 22 players all contributed to a fast paced contest.

Passing, movement, tricks, flicks and not a bus being parked in sight. Like watching Pro Evo’s intro as the classiest players in Europe put on a Ballet of soccer proportions.

Goliath vs Goliath I can’t add enough comparisons or cliches. The game epitomised how football should be played and more importantly how Arsene has defended should be played. It was a mirror image these two teams were clones. The only two teams in europe if not world football capable of producing the galactic standard of football.

Bias time. Arsenal won through having the extra drive, determination and by adding to flair with all important passion. Couldn’t be happier for Robin Van ‘Bergkamp mark 2’ Persie. Jack ‘Iniesta, Xavi who’ Wilshere and Laurent ‘the spirit of Adams, Keown and Bould have possessed me’ Koscielny.

More so for me seeing the team I have seen through highs and lows go toe to toe with the ultimate club side and show no fear. The best thing is I get to see it all again, another 90 minutes of neutrals joy and Catalan/Gooner angst.

I await Nou camp with excitement and nerves but here is to the best advert football can give…and an Arsenal win for me. Neutrals everywhere please enjoy…Is it Arsenal? is it Barcelona?or are we celebrating B arsenal Ona?

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